“Anytime, Anywhere” education mission fuels growth strategy

To fulfill its goal of providing access to quality education “anytime, anywhere,” Daekyo wanted to expand its online offerings, which would require greater investment in technology platforms and the talent resources to support them.

At the same time, Daekyo recognized that it was not receiving the highest possible value — or the most responsive service — for its SAP support investment. Conversely, since 2018, Daekyo had been receiving high-value Rimini Street support for Oracle Database, saving up to 90% on total support costs.

By extending its relationship with Rimini Street to include support for SAP, Daekyo could double down on its IT cost reduction success and enjoy a guaranteed 10-minute response SLA for critical P1 and P2 issues, highly skilled support engineers, and the ability to reallocate those SAP support savings to innovation.

Rimini Street support delivers expertise and reinvestment opportunities

In addition to their satisfaction with Rimini Street support for Oracle Database, Daekyo’s IT leaders have also been very pleased with the addition of Rimini Street support for SAP. The fast response and issue resolution from dedicated Rimini Street Primary Support Engineers is a significant improvement over the previous vendor, as demonstrated by a recent SAP HR year-end reconciliation outage.

With the savings from Rimini Street support, Daekyo established a digital transformation strategy through ISP (Information Strategy Planning) in 2022. It is also proceeding with a “Next-Generation Dreams” project this year to convert “Dreams,” one of its strategic tasks, into a cloud platform.

The “Next-Generation Dreams” project will require Daekyo’s IT staff to implement new processes and change management. Daekyo plans to train internally and use savings from Rimini Street services to invest in new staff. The project may also potentially include database migration and/or open-source database technology supported by Rimini Street.

Additionally, Daekyo plans to carry out a next-generation ERP ISP in the second half of 2023, including the use of Rimini Consult™ professional services for review of its ERP management, improvement, and establishment.

Oracle and SAP maintenance savings help fund IT infrastructure change management

“In the edu-tech market, strategic IT investment and digital innovation is imperative to remain competitive in the business,” said Rimini Street Korea’s country manager, HyungWook Kim. “As a reliable technology partner, we remain committed to providing value and bespoke solutions to Daekyo as they continue on their successful digital transformation journey.”

JinCheol Yoon, head of Daekyo Digital Support Office, said, “A significant share of the company’s IT budget was allocated towards the maintenance of our Oracle and SAP enterprise software, and we constantly worried about the stability of our technical support system as well as the technical skills needed to support it in-house as the vendor support was insufficient. Rimini Street took the time to understand our business needs and proposed a tailored solution to reduce our cost and improve our Oracle and SAP system operations. With Rimini Support™, we expect to reduce Oracle and SAP maintenance costs and leverage this budget to our IT infrastructure management.”

“Through technical experts dedicated to Daekyo, we were able to receive stable technical support and utilize the Oracle and SAP maintenance savings towards change management of its IT infrastructure. Going forward, we are also willing to consider Rimini Street technical support services for open-source databases such as PostgreSQL and MySQL.”

Client Profile
Daekyo is a leading education company in Korea that created a ground-breaking learning method that is tailored to the ‘eye level (Noonnoppi)’ of each child with one-on-one visiting learning system. It is realizing its vision of becoming the world's largest school by providing lifelong education services that cover all generations from child to seniors.
South Korea
611.65 Billion KRW
  • Reduced costs to reallocate funds to high-priority projects
  • Received support services that quickly resolved SAP operational issues

“We were able to receive stable technical support and utilize the Oracle and SAP maintenance savings towards change management of our IT infrastructure.”

JinCheol Yoon, Head of Digital Support Office, Daekyo

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