To help Jones deliver a wide variety of solutions to its customers, the company runs a customized version of SAP R/3-4.6C. Even though the software meets business needs, the company began to explore upgrading simply due to concerns over technological obsolescence for the 32-bit environment.

If the company were to upgrade its hardware and software, it would also require an upgrade of SAP to a 64-bit version — and this would require a significant capital investment. Jones CFO Rick Jankura explains: “Our upgrade was really just a defensive measure to combat the threat of obsolescence of 32-bit hardware and operating systems.”

Rimini Street Solution

Jankura spoke to a Rimini Street expert who presented an alternative option to the unnecessary upgrade. The advice: move the 32-bit system into a virtualized environment that could be managed more easily for years to come. Rimini Street could support Jones’ existing environment, including all customizations, and Jones could get its tax, legal and regulatory updates from Rimini Street at no additional charge. Because Rimini Street guarantees 15 years of support for Jones’ current SAP version, there is also no pressure to upgrade to SAP ECC 6.0.

Client Results

  • Avoided unnecessary SAP upgrade: By moving to third-party support, Jones was able to remain on its stable SAP R/3 implementation, eliminating business risk while achieving significant operational cost savings.
  • Gained ability to reinvest savings: Jones has redeployed its support savings into strategic hiring to fill its knowledge gaps, update its network infrastructure, add process automation and deploy new applications.
  • Achieved strategic flexibility: Jones can continue to run its effective SAP R/3 system for years to come, yet also upgrade to SAP ECC 6.0 if the business requires it in the future.
  • Received tailored tax, legal and regulatory updates: Jones now receives tax, legal and regulatory patches for its Canadian operations, complimentary and customized to Jones’ specific needs.


Client Profile
Jones, whose roots trace back over 135 years, provides printing and packaging solutions throughout North America and Europe largely targeted to pharmaceutical companies and pharmacists.
Headquartered in Ontario, Canada

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