Operating a multistate textile rental and cleaning service with a hosted SAP R/3 system was proving an expensive proposition for Mission Linen Supply. Paying for hosting as well as software maintenance and support put significant stress on the IT budget. In addition, the never-ending cycle of hardware and software updates in the hosting data center was consuming more IT dollars.

Rimini Street Solution

Mission Linen Supply decided to virtualize its SAP system to isolate it from further hardware changes and run the software in its own custom-built data center. With Rimini Street independent support, it can keep a stable and effective SAP R/3 system that the vendor considered end of life running for other decade, while also saving 50 percent on  maintenance and support.

Client Results

  • Reduced total cost of ownership $600,000 annually by switching to independent support and virtualizing SAP R/3 in its own data center.
  • Stayed current with tax, legal and regulatory updates tailored to its specific needs by Rimini Street.
  • Eliminated the need to constantly monitor and modify software stack configurations to keep pace with hardware changes in the hosted data center.


Client Profile
Mission Linen Supply is one of the largest privately held companies in the textile rental industry providing linens, uniforms and related products to California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and Oregon. Mission Linen is proud to offer its customers cost-effective, earth-conscious ways to maintain a spotless image
Headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA
$138.3 million (privately held)

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