Global Tax, Legal and Regulatory Update Services

Rimini Street's dedicated tax, legal and regulatory practice helps clients of all sizes keep their applications up to date and compliant with the latest tax, legal and regulatory changes for nearly 200 countries.

Effortlessly Comply with Ever-Changing Tax, Legal & Regulatory Requirements

Rimini Street Global Tax, Legal and Regulatory Update Services include:

  • A Single Source of Truth for Tax, Legal and Regulatory Updates Worldwide
  • Human Resources Changes
  • Transaction Tax Changes
  • Financial Regulatory Changes


Our unique methodology results in superior quality and the most accurate deliverables for your organization.

  • Personalized update packages. All updates tailored to your specific deployments with an unmatched satisfaction rate.
  • Timeliness. The fastest "legislature-to-live"SM update delivery cycle in the industry.
  • Compliance. Continuous source monitoring of constantly changing tax, legal and regulatory requirements enable us to keep your applications compliant.
  • Deep experience. We hire the highest-caliber, most experienced global tax, legal and regulatory executives, experts, engineers and support professionals, who across the world have delivered more than 358,000 global tax, legal and regulatory updates since 2005.

Industry-Leading Tax, Legal & Regulatory Research and Technology

Rimini Street triple-checks the veracity of its tax, legal, and regulatory scope and analysis working with international in-country experts. These experts include:

  • Two of the Big Four accounting firms
  • Two top-tier global law firms

In addition, Rimini Street is a member of the American Bar Association-Section on Taxation, American Payroll Association, Australian Payroll Association, Canadian Payroll Association, Tax Council Policy Institute, Tax Executives Institute and The Association for Payroll Specialists.

These professionals use advanced technology and numerous government and private-sector sources to monitor, collect and verify tax, legal and regulatory changes from sources that include more than 3,000 government web sites and close to 3,400 information sources covering more than 26,000 localities in nearly 200 countries.

Through an innovative combination of patent-pending tax, legal and regulatory research technology, proven methodology and ISO 9001:2008 certified development processes, Rimini Street offers clients accurate deliverables with the fastest "legislature-to-live SM" update delivery cycle in the industry.

Rimini Street Tax and Regs

Ensuring Your Mission-Critical Applications Remain Globally Compliant

Payroll Tax Engine for SAP Clients
Rimini Street's tax engine for SAP Payroll clients performs gross-to-net withholding calculations for U.S. payroll. Rimini Street clients can replace standalone third-party products and utilize Rimini Street as a single provider for SAP Payroll support and processing for U.S.-based employees.

The Rimini Street payroll tax engine uses Rimini Street's comprehensive tax, legal and regulatory data to calculate withholding taxes for:

  • U.S. federal and FICA (Social Security and Medicare)
  • All 50 states and territories
  • Thousands of local jurisdictions

This one-stop solution offers 50 percent savings over annual SAP vendor support and third-party tax calculation fees. Clients will benefit with improved, expert responsiveness from a single point of contact for their SAP software, tax, legal and regulatory updates, and tax calculation support.

Payroll Support for Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, and JD Edwards Clients
Companies running Payroll are dependent on Oracle — or a third party — to provide payroll regulatory tax updates. However, in order to continue to receive these updates from Oracle, companies must stay on Premium or Extended Support. This requires, for many, a forced upgrade to avoid the termination of these updates in Oracle Sustaining Support.

Many E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards customers are satisfied with their existing release or simply cannot afford the cost and distraction of an upgrade. They would prefer not to upgrade, yet most believe that the choice is out of their hands because payroll updates are critical to ensure accurate and timely payroll processing. A forced upgrade based on Oracle's timetable in order to maintain support appears to be the only alternative. Fortunately, Rimini Street can support all your EBS, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards applications, including payroll. You can continue to receive these crucial payroll updates and reporting, along with premium support from Rimini Street, all without being forced to upgrade.