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WBR Insights Report − Procurement in the Driver’s Seat: Delivering ROI through the Procurement Function

Is your procurement team delivering measurable value?

Procurement has traditionally been viewed as a cost-savings function, but this is evolving as procurement is now, for many enterprises, demonstrating its value to the C-suite.

A new WBR Insights research report, “Procurement in the Driver’s Seat: Delivering ROI through the Procurement Function,” finds that procurement is taking a greater role as a strategic partner to the organization, including helping to create value though its role in IT cost optimization and business innovation.

The research recommends that in addition to aggregating cost savings metrics, procurement must identify its ROI metrics to continue to grow its leadership presence within the organization. Through a survey of 100 procurement professionals, the report reveals a variety of findings, including the latest tools being used by procurement to demonstrate value and ROI.

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