In a dynamic business environment, it’s critical to have expert, responsive IT resources available to help maximize productivity and drive growth, often within the constraints of a reduced or frozen budget.

Application management services (AMS) seem like a good option to consider on a limited budget. Lower priced plans seem ripe for cost savings, yet traditional AMS models staffed with lower-skilled resources can deliver lower value at higher than expected costs. This results in an AMS “tax” where companies contracting with traditional AMS providers overpay for suboptimal value.

Rimini Street has a solution: a single provider, integrated AMS + enterprise software support model that reduces costs and frees up IT teams for critical growth initiatives. Rimini Street support teams resolve incidents and root causes with no ERP vendor dependency, no lower-skilled resources, and no hidden costs.

The results:

  • seamless AMS and enterprise software support
  • improved total cost of ownership (TCO) for ERP systems and applications
  • better business outcomes

Download the eBook “Optimizing Application Management Services (AMS) to Drive Business Growth” for more information on avoiding the AMS “tax” and funding innovation in a dynamic economy.

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