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Get Even More Value: Add Application Management Services to Your ERP Support

Rimini Street AMS Client Success Metrics

Your ERP support is running smoothly, but how are your application management services (AMS)?

Is there a ticket backlog? How big is it? How old is it? Is oversight a time drain on your IT team that you can no longer afford?

Is the service delivery consistent? Is your AMS provider skilled in proactive problem-solving and preventative maintenance?

If you’d like better answers to these questions, consider adding Rimini Street application management services to your ERP support. You’ll get seamless integration of ITIL Levels 2-4 support from a single expert partner. Rimini Street unified support delivers measurable value to help you grow your business operations by optimizing existing IT investments and processes.

To learn more — and for examples of success metrics from Rimini Street clients who have broken free from legacy AMS models and significantly improved their business outcomes — download this infographic.

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