Digital transformation is no longer nice to have: It’s essential for enterprise success. To unlock existing funds and expertise for digital transformation, CIOs must ruthlessly execute IT project prioritization and investment, while eliminating wasteful spending that does not translate into competitive advantage.

In this interview with Business Reporter, Rimini Street CEO Seth Ravin discusses how CIOs can manage uncertainty and improve business performance. A key component of success is resisting high-cost, low-value software vendor pushes to upgrade back end systems.

Instead, CIOs should optimize IT spending by using an IT project prioritization framework, then by funding high-value initiatives that drive innovation and growth. Ravin also considers the benefits of Rimini Street third-party software support, which include:

− smoother running systems
− improved performance and outcomes
− lower total operating costs
− higher ROI

For an additional, in-depth look at IT project prioritization and the Rimini Street IT project prioritization framework, download the complimentary eBook, “Building an IT Strategic Plan to Prioritize Investments and Emerge Stronger in the Next Normal.“

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