Despite significant investments in traditional Application Management Services (AMS), IT teams have failed to see the benefits promised: the ability to offload IT backlogs so internal teams can focus on game-changing initiatives. Why?

• AMS models are increasingly complex, with segregated application management and support layers provided by multiple vendors, leaving the internal IT teams mediating escalations

• Some AMS vendors underprice their contracts using low-cost, inexperienced resources then make up their profit margins by pushing expensive “out of scope” billable consulting – causing scope creep where IT teams pay more for what they already own

This 30-minute webinar from Rimini Street will explore new options IT teams have to modernize and manage their business-critical applications. Attendees will learn why a simple shift to an integrated support + AMS model can reduce the burden of day-to-day administration, improve IT’s ability to deliver on enhancement requests, and increase user adoption of SAP, Salesforce and other ERP and CRM systems.


Anne Plese
Anne Plese
Sr. Director, Product Marketing
Rimini Street

Anne has more than 20 years of experience in market management, product marketing, and GTM strategy in the enterprise software and hardware space.

Prior to Rimini Street, she held various positions in global companies including Oracle, Verizon, Cisco, and Equinix.

Here at Rimini Street, she helps Companies understand the value that our services bring to them.

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