Onboarding and Archiving: A Smooth Start for Future Success

Thousands of organizations have successfully transitioned from vendor support to Rimini Street. The proven methodology is tailored to each client, helping ensure rightful access to software entitlements and setting up effective communications to maximize the value of their Rimini Street relationship.

Application Management Services for Salesforce

“The onboarding process was easy. The best benefit is the direct line of contact you get through Rimini Street — the Primary Support Engineer model. Having somebody you can go to directly, even when the issue could be with a customization or an interconnected system, gives us a lot of confidence that we can focus on our day jobs without worrying about keeping our systems running.”

David Jamieson, Financial Applications Manager, LifeWay Christian Resources

“The onboarding process was very organized and extremely well-orchestrated. We had a few minor hiccups, but Rimini Street was more than willing to work with us to resolve them, and that’s key to us —how do the companies you work with respond when there is a problem? Rimini Street takes on ownership of the entire support experience. All of our processes are mature and overall support has been great.”

Dave Jackson, CIO, Welch Foods Inc.

“One of our goals was to become more flexible in our PeopleSoft applications’ upgrade strategy to be able to decide when and how we upgrade these tools. By archiving the PeopleSoft updates we were already entitled to, we were able to complete an upgrade while on independent support — and do it on our own timeline. If we want to upgrade in the future, that’s a choice we can make without outside pressure.”

Steve Jacobs, Director, IT, Guest Services

Why Rimini Street

Rimini Street comprehensive software support solutions replace vendor support and deliver a premium, tailored service experience to help drive business results. The Rimini Street mission to help clients extract the greatest value from their enterprise software has helped save nearly $5 billion to date.

Better model

Rimini Street support is vendor-agnostic, ideal for evolving and hybrid IT environments. Expert interoperability and security solutions help ensure that clients can keep existing software releases for at least 15 years and redirect scarce IT funds to critical strategic priorities.

Better people

Rimini Street engineers have the expertise, technical agility, and global resources to help solve the most complex enterprise software issues. Every client receives dedicated, responsive, high-touch service from root cause analysis through to issue resolution.

Better outcomes

Clients of Rimini Street Support Services do not overspend on vendor support. Instead, IT teams are free to work on more impactful growth initiatives that support a Business-Driven Roadmap, while newly available funds can be reallocated to digital transformation.

Rimini Street Cloud Migration Advisory Services for your Business-First Cloud Strategy

Transition to long-term support success.

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