Maximizing Client Outcomes through Personalized, Consultative Services

Helping ensure client success drives Rimini Street to excel. Account Managers are key to the formula, delivering a world-class experience by maximizing client outcomes from Rimini Street services throughout the life of the relationship.

Account Managers have extensive experience and expertise in enterprise software and IT strategy. By understanding strategic goals through collaborative planning with client teams, Rimini Street Account Managers make recommendations to help clients achieve their business and technology objectives.

The Value of Strategic Account Management

Highly personalized, consultative services are included with Rimini Street account management at no additional charge. Account Managers will:

  • Partner with clients on developing and navigating a Business-Driven Roadmap
  • Ensure clients derive full value from Rimini Street services
  • Provide guidance and best practices for strategic decisions on issues such as interoperability, upgrades, cloud migration, digital transformation, analytics, mergers and acquisitions, and expansion plans.
Account Management Services

“The significant savings we've achieved with third-party support has contributed to improved profitability, which in turn contributes to our ability to invest in new applications for the future and wider business initiatives. Rimini Street has been a game-changer for us.”

Sandra Phillips, Commercial Manager, RSA Insurance

“Our move to Rimini Street brought other advantages beyond what we had expected, including freeing up time available for our IT team to focus on more strategic tasks.”

Rogerio Ribeiro, CIO, Atento

“Every year we've taken the money that we've saved by going to Rimini Street and we've reinvested it. We've invested into new systems that support our growth efforts. We've added a new CRM system; we've already added HR and payroll systems. They are all integrated into Oracle EBS, and for that matter, Rimini supports all that integration. We have a major initiative to move our Oracle as well as VMWare environments to the cloud and this year we will do that and Rimini will support us along the way. We consider Rimini Street a strategic partner. They are reliable, they're innovative, they're leading edge, and they will be our partner for years to come.”

Joe Cannella, CIO, Tempel Steel

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