2023 Rimini Street Year in Review

It’s been a busy year here at Rimini Street, so let’s take a look back at the many launches, milestones, and achievements in 2023 as we continue to innovate with end-to-end IT services into 2024 and beyond!

We’ve had a busy year here at Rimini Street, with many launches, milestones, and achievements, as we continue to innovate with our end-to-end IT services. Our comprehensive family of solutions can help you run, manage, support, customize, configure, connect, protect, monitor, and optimize your enterprise application, database, and technology software platforms. In fact, we’ve helped more than 5,300 clients save a total of more than $8B to date on enterprise software maintenance costs.

As 2023 winds to a close, let’s take a moment to review a few of the important Rimini Street headlines from this year.

Rimini Street Expands its Salesforce Solutions to Include Rimini Consult™ for Salesforce®

Rimini Consult for Salesforce offers functional and technical consulting, project design, and strategic planning services to help Rimini Street clients grow their business by effectively leveraging the ever-expanding capabilities in the Salesforce ecosystem.

“With increases in Salesforce labor and licensing expenses and the central role Salesforce plays in revenue generation, Salesforce customers want to maximize the value of their CRM investment,” said Bill Carslay, GVP and general manager of professional services at Rimini Street. “Rimini Consult’s full suite of Salesforce consulting services is designed to help clients achieve their objectives with a focus on measurable outcomes, total cost of ownership, and return on investment. This is how we demonstrate accountability to our clients and ultimately define our value as a Salesforce consulting partner.”

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Rimini Street Announces Support, Managed and Consulting Services for Salesforce® ClickSoftware

With the availability of Rimini Support™, Rimini Manage™ and Rimini Consult™ for ClickSoftware, the expanded solution enables Salesforce® ClickSoftware on-premises licensees to maximize the value of their mission-critical ClickSoftware investments beyond the announced End-of-Life date of December 31, 2023.

“ClickSoftware delivers world-class field service functionality, and many customers have customized, robust deployments that they would like to continue utilizing for several years,” said David Rowe, chief product officer & EVP of global transformation at Rimini Street. “Rimini Street is pleased to build upon our partnership with Salesforce and extend our proven, award-winning support model and global capabilities to ClickSoftware licensees, ensuring they have a partner who can help stabilize and maximize their software investment for potentially years until they are ready to consider adopting Field Service in the Salesforce Service Cloud.”

Learn more about Rimini Support™, Rimini Manage™ and Rimini Consult™ for ClickSoftware.

Rimini Street Announces Rimini Support™ for SAP Industry Solutions

The expansion of Rimini Support™ for SAP products now includes SAP Industry Solutions.

Licensees running SAP Industry Solutions with ECC may be required to replace or re-implement industry-specific modules and capabilities, as many equivalent industry capabilities are not the same, or will not be available on S/4HANA. In some cases, SAP offers a completely different solution that may be based on SAP products or partner-provided products.

“Many companies have invested heavily in customizing SAP Industry Solutions to their specific business requirements, and now rely on them to run mission-critical core business processes. But they also do not want to take on the cost and the risk of replacing and re-implementing them just to stay fully supported, if equivalent functionality is even available,” said Luiz Mariotto, group vice president and principal product manager of SAP at Rimini Street.

Learn more about Rimini Support™ for SAP products now including SAP Industry Solutions.

Rimini Street Announces Expansion and General Availability of Rimini Manage™ Services for SAP Cloud Products

The expansion of its Rimini Manage™ for SAP products to include SAP cloud applications enables organizations running SAP cloud-based software to achieve the same improved productivity, predictability and business value that Rimini Street delivers to clients utilizing perpetually licensed SAP products. Rimini Manage for SAP can be delivered for stand-alone SAP cloud applications, or when integrated with services for other enterprise software, including SAP Business Suite (ECC 6.0) and S/4HANA.

“Licensees of SAP cloud products requested that Rimini Street expand its managed services offering for SAP to also run and manage SAP cloud products they are using in their system landscape, as well as support clients in the RISE for SAP program,” said Seth A. Ravin, president, CEO and chairman of the board, Rimini Street. “We are pleased to now offer these expanded services to serve the market’s needs and desire for a better, more responsive application managed service that covers even more of their system portfolio.”

Learn more about Rimini Manage™ Services for SAP Cloud Products.

Rimini Street Formally Launches Rimini ONE™, an End-to-End Outsourcing Solution for Enterprise Applications, Databases and Technology Software

Rimini Street formally launched Rimini ONE™, an outsourcing service program designed to offer a comprehensive set of unified, integrated services to run, manage, support, customize, configure, connect, protect, monitor, and optimize enterprise applications, databases and technology software.

“We developed Rimini ONE in response to clients requesting a fully outsourced solution for their enterprise software with the proven, industry-leading service commitments and guarantees, global capability of more than 800 staff engineers, and comprehensive offering only available from Rimini Street,” said Dave Rowe, chief product officer and EVP, global transformation at Rimini Street. “By unifying our unique support, product and service solutions into one comprehensive program that is easy to transition to, we are helping our clients simplify the complexity of managing mission-critical enterprise software, extend its life and value, and enable clients to accelerate the delivery of new innovations to drive competitive advantage and growth.”

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Rimini Street Launches Rimini Consult™ to Help Organizations Optimize, Evolve and Transform Their Enterprise Software

Rimini Street launched Rimini Consult™, a suite of packaged and project-based professional services available for clients’ enterprise software customization, configuration, implementation, integration, interoperability, migration, staff augmentation and other project needs, delivered by experienced professionals.

“Organizations must maximize the value and lifespan of their existing software investments as a foundation for business operations and to accelerate investment in innovation,” said Bill Carslay, Rimini Street’s SVP, Global Professional Services. “Provided by a team of highly specialized global experts, Rimini Consult uniquely delivers discrete, targeted and innovative solutions focused on helping organizations optimize, evolve and transform their enterprise software to enable their current and future success.”

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Rimini Street Launches Rimini Watch™ to Help Organizations Ensure High Performance and Business Continuity for their Enterprise Software

Rimini Watch is a new suite of observability solutions that enable organizations operating Oracle and SAP applications and databases across all industries and geographies to benefit from innovative monitoring, health check and change management solutions. Rimini Watch eliminates the time, resource and cost challenges usually associated with continuous monitoring of critical Oracle and SAP operating processes and managing changes that can impact application and database performance and business continuity.

“Rimini Street supports the proactive health, wellness and smooth operation of our clients’ systems by providing solutions that enable real-time, around-the-clock monitoring of thousands of processes and data points and advanced software change management,” said Dave Rowe, Rimini Street’s EVP, chief product officer and global transformation. “Rimini Watch delivers predictability and confidence to our clients running some of the biggest and most complex Oracle and SAP enterprise software infrastructures in the world, enabling them to focus on and support their internal IT resources and capabilities on other priority needs for their business. We’re proud to lead the way in delivering innovative and comprehensive observability solutions.”

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Rimini Street Honored by Clients and Industry with Multiple Service and Leadership Awards in Recognition of its Commitment to Delivering “Extraordinary”

Rimini Street has been honored with multiple service and leadership awards by its clients and the technology community, in recognition of its commitment to delivering “extraordinary technology solutions powered by extraordinary talent.”

Winner of Sainsbury’s Tech Experience Award

Sainsbury’s Tech Supplier Award event celebrates companies who help enable and advance the technology initiatives and programs that drive the success of its 1,400 supermarkets across the UK. As the Rimini Support™ engineering team providing timely, quality Oracle software solutions to Sainsbury’s, the second-largest grocery chain in UK, Rimini Street was granted the “Experience Award.”

Winner of CPFL’s Outstanding IT Partner Award

CPFL Energia, Brazil’s second largest private electric power company, hosted its annual event named “Prêmio CPFL Mais Valor,” bringing together suppliers and contributors to their national success. Of the 130 IT vendors that are part of CPFL’s ecosystem, Rimini Street was selected as the sole Outstanding IT Winner, voted by directors and IT managers of CPFL.

Winner of Stevie Female Executive of the Year – Business Services Category

Rimini Street is home to extraordinary talent, many of whom are female executives credited with advancing the technology industry with their remarkable contributions of innovation. Michelle Davenport, vice president of Global PSJ (PeopleSoft, Siebel and JD Edwards) Support at Rimini Street, has been selected as a Bronze Winner of the Female Executive of Year – Business Service Category. Nominated for the award by her peers and team members, her visionary leadership is reflected in her unwavering commitment to the success of the 4C’s of Rimini Street – Company, Clients, Colleagues and Community.

“Rimini Street strives to deliver excellence in all our service delivery and support of our clients, and our engineers and leaders are passionately committed to an extraordinary client experience,” noted Seth Ravin, president, CEO and chairman of the board. “We are humbled by the recognition, and we could not be prouder of what we believe are the best technology engineers and engineering leadership available to serve clients globally.”