Global Survey Results: CFOs Weigh in on Enterprise Digital Transformation and IT Spending Priorities

Global Survey Results: CFOs Weigh in on Enterprise Digital Transformation and IT Spending Priorities

When it comes to helping right the ship in times of business turbulence, CFOs play a critical role. They partner closely with the CEO to refine business strategy and with the CIO on implementing enterprise digital transformation to quickly defend against the disruption.

An important component of the CFO/CIO partnership during crisis management is prioritizing IT spending on projects with the highest potential ROI and greatest possible business impact in order to emerge stronger on the other side.

So how did CFOs weather the 2020 global pandemic?

What was the role of IT digital transformation?

What is the impact on 2021 spending priorities?


The 2021 Global CFO Survey

Sponsored by Rimini Street, Dimensional Research surveyed CFOs around the world who  represented a variety of industries and company sizes, from both the public and private sectors, to learn about their 2020 activities during the economic and political uncertainty, plus that of the pandemic. Nearly 1,600 respondents weighed in on a range of topics including IT spending trends, technology investments that deliver the greatest value, measuring IT ROI, and CFO/CIO relationship dynamics.

Key findings of the global survey reveal:

  • The CFO perspective on enterprise digital transformation and its importance to organizational success, including:
    • its rank on the corporate priority list
    • how the pandemic has affected IT spending
  • Improvements or declines in CFO/CIO relationships in 2020, including:
    • what went right
    • what went wrong
    • why the relationship is so important
  • CFO investment criteria and IT spending priorities for 2021, including:
    • CFOs’ preferred investments
    • how far some CFOs will go to secure new funding

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