New Survey: Why CIOs and CTOs Want a New Model for IT Support and Services

Pat Phelan
VP, Market Research
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New Survey: Why CIOs and CTOs Want a New Model for IT Support and Services

In April of 2023, Censuswide conducted a survey of 608 US respondents from companies with $250m+ revenue. That study focused on CIO and CTO satisfaction with their existing IT support and services models for enterprise software. The results spoke for themselves.

Respondents voiced broad dissatisfaction with their support services and models, including issues with support capabilities, lack of accountability, and lack of personalized expertise. Seven out of ten listed inadequate service models as one of their biggest challenges with IT support, followed by six in ten reporting a lack of vendor accountability as main challenges.

Survey Findings and Actions to Take

Insight #1: 72% of IT leaders are unhappy with support and services models

The survey respondents were about evenly split between those using their application vendors for support, using a third-party, or self-supporting.

Action to take: Explore all your support and services options to make sure you’re getting the best value for your spend.

Insight #2: Multi-vendor models aren’t working

CIOs and CTOs voice frustration at the many inconveniences associated with managing multiple vendors. Their goal of more efficient and affordable services is hindered by multi-vendor pain points such as:

  • Different processes per vendor: 36%
  • High cost of several vendor contracts: 36%
  • Too much effort selecting and managing vendors: 35%

Action to take: Look for opportunities to streamline and consolidate multiple support needs using a single vendor who can provide a unified, end-to-end approach to support.

Insight #3: 99% of respondents are wary of vendor subscription models

As vendors move toward cloud-based, subscription models, IT leaders are feeling pressured to give up their owned, perpetual licenses for software that is mission critical. When asked how they feel about this trend, leaders responded that they feel:

  • anxious about being locked into certain subscription clouds: 42%
  • forced into subscription models despite undefined ROI: 42%
  • little or no value in switching to a subscription model: 25%

Action to take: Instead of giving up years of useful life from your existing enterprise software, consider ways to innovate around the edges of your ERP system using composable ERP strategies.

Learn More: For complete data, insights, and analysis to help you chart the right IT roadmap for your business and re-evaluate your support and services model, download the full research reports, Organizations Want More Control Over Their IT Roadmap and IT Leaders Are Considering a New Support and Services Model.

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