Consolidate Multi-Vendor Support for Simplicity and Accountability

Ensuring that an ever-expanding, multi-vendor IT environment is running smoothly and in compliance can be challenging and costly. As workloads, data, and processes shift across diverse delivery models (e.g. internally deployed infrastructure, managed services, multiple clouds), keeping track of security, compliance, and support issues can result in less productivity for your business and lower customer satisfaction, both of which can erode revenues. Unified, comprehensive support can help.

Simplify multi-vendor IT support management

Reliability — from a partner that is accountable — is the key ‘must-have’ for IT enterprise systems and applications. This becomes more complex when an enterprise maintains multiple support contracts with different service levels and systems across its applications, support tiers, and technology platforms. The Rimini Street unified, multi-vendor support services model enables clients to begin with support for one application, add more applications over time, and expand as needed into managed services (AMS), and support for applications (such as Salesforce®) within a hybrid environment — all from a single, trusted source of expert support.

Consolidate Multi-Vendor Software Support with Rimini Street Unified Support Services

Reduce multi-vendor support costs and improve efficiencies

Support costs in a multi-vendor environment can add up quickly. Vendor support usually stops at the boundary of the application, creating gaps in coverage and finger-pointing between vendors. Complex hybrid IT landscapes require high-quality, comprehensive support services to analyze root-causes and more rapidly resolve multi-application, interoperability, and integration issues. The Rimini Street unified support model reduces downtime and improves efficiencies by streamlining problem identification and resolution across an IT environment, allowing internal staff to spend less time coordinating with multiple vendors to resolve issues and more time on critical business needs.

Simplify Software Support with Rimini Street Comprehensive Services and Solutions

Integrated, comprehensive support and managed services can save money, effort, and time

Overseeing the enterprise IT estate keeps becoming more complex. Maintaining and managing applications requires deft coordination and streamlined processes. Integrating new technologies with core systems and efficiently managing ERP operations in a multi-vendor environment is a significant challenge.
Rimini Street simplifies the experience by providing support and managed services for multiple ERP systems through an integrated model. Receive a single, cost-effective source for keeping the entire IT environment running at peak performance. Problems are resolved before they become failures. Downtime is less frequent, and internal IT staff gains more time to focus on solutions that move the business forward.

Rethink Your Multi-Vendor Software Support Services with Rimini Street Comprehensive Solutions

Why Rimini Street

Rimini Street solutions replace software vendor support and deliver a superior service experience, leveraging a scalable, global support model to drive business results. IT leaders can reduce and optimize IT support services costs to invest in competitive advantage and growth.

Better model

Client delivery and accountability are at the core of the Rimini Street unified support model. Using Rimini Street as the single strategic partner for IT support management allows organizations to minimize the complexity of supporting their IT environments, reducing the time spent on IT management-related tasks, and allowing employees to reallocate their time to more productive activities.

Better people

Personalized, comprehensive support with experts on the front line means Rimini Street clients receive service experiences that are more tailored, more expressed, more “human." Clients set the priority. Rimini Street makes getting comprehensive support services easy, with a client-centric experience for a hybrid environment. No book-trained support reps and no call centers. High-quality, personal, comprehensive support service in every interaction.

Better outcomes

In reducing time and inefficiencies of multi-vendor management by consolidating IT support with Rimini Street, IT teams are freed to shift focus to more value-added tasks and projects that drive innovation and real growth.

Replace Multi-Vendor Software Support with Rimini Street Unified Support Services and Solutions

Featured Clients

Featured Clients
Featured Clients

Rimini Street is the only partner that can support the Japanese market with the high-quality support and protection we need, at a price that aligns with our financial goals.”

– Keisuke Hamanaka Deputy General Manager, Process, IT and Data Management
Featured Clients
Featured Clients

Without Rimini Street, a ton of our projects would still be stuck at the proposal stage. Instead, they’ve allowed us to start executing AI projects and other major tech initiatives that will be fundamental to competing and providing an excellent customer experience going forward.”

– Kevin Khoo CIO
Featured Clients
Featured Clients

Rimini Street delivers what they promise so that we can deliver quality and trust to our clients and end-users.”

– Daniel Lui CIO

Reduce complexity through unified support.

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