Join the Global Retailers That Have Made the Switch to Third-party Support for Oracle Retail

Retailers are dramatically reducing annual maintenance costs

Retail CIOs worldwide are looking for ways to free up funds and resources to invest in technologies that address market turbulence. One proven strategy to address rising ERP maintenance costs is by leveraging independent, third-party enterprise software support. More than 175 retailers have reduced their total ERP maintenance costs by up to 90% while gaining better support and service from Rimini Street.

Support for Oracle Retail

Discover ultra-responsive support for Oracle Retail Software

Rimini Street provides expert support for Oracle Retail software — alone, or in combination with support for Oracle enterprise applications and databases. Using this combined support enables clients to receive an integrated service offering with the advantages that come with single-provider support. Receive ultra-responsive support for Oracle Retail applications.

Support for Oracle Retail

Accelerate digital transformation

Digital transformation helps deliver a sustainable competitive edge for organizations across industries. The multi-million-dollar boardroom question facing CIOs: “How are we going to pay for this?” with ongoing operations consuming 80% to 90% of a typical IT budget. Retail technology leaders that have adopted independent enterprise software support solutions, including replacing Oracle Retail support/Retek support, are reallocating the saved funds and resources toward digital transformation efforts.

Rimini Street Support for Oracle Retail

Oracle Retail Product Lines Supported

The Rimini Street support program for Oracle Retail includes support for the following acquired Retek products:

Merchandising Operations Management (MOM)
Merchandise Planning and Optimization
Supply Chain Planning and Execution

Why Rimini Street

Switch from Oracle retail support; improve SLA and ROI.

Better model

Eliminate forced upgrades of Oracle retail applications to remain on full support and preserve the flexibility to upgrade when there's a clear ROI presented. Upgrades can be time-consuming, expensive, and risky — don’t upgrade without a compelling business case or ROI.

Better people

Receive ultra-responsive support by taking advantage of expert services for Oracle Retail software, including support for customizations at no extra charge.

Better outcomes

Don’t rip and replace; enjoy savings of up to 90% of total maintenance costs, allowing focus on optimizing existing solutions and adding new features and capabilities around commerce platforms using best-of-breed, independent, third-party solutions. Help maximize ERP investments by extending the life/reducing the TCO of Oracle Retail software.

Rimini Street Third-Party Support for Oracle Retail

Compare the value

Support Features
Rimini Street
Oracle Premier and Extended
Oracle Sustaining
Support Services
Application and documentation fixes
No new fixes
Operational and configuration support
Installation and upgrade support
No new upgrade scripts
Named, regional primary support engineer with an average of 20 years of experience
Account management services
10-minute guaranteed response SLA for P1 critical cases with 2-hour update communications
Full support with no required upgrades
Customization support
Performance support
Interoperability and integration support
Full support of current release for at least 15 years from contract date
Strategic Services
Technical, functional, and application roadmap advisory services
Cloud advisory services
License advisory services
Security advisory services
Interoperability and integration advisory services
Monitor and check advisory services
Impact on Resources
Significant reduction in operating costs (budget, people, time)
Independence from vendor-dictated roadmap

Featured Clients

Featured Clients
Featured Clients

We log in a ticket, and Rimini Street provides root cause analysis and permanently fixes those issues. We are seeing vast improvements leading to stabilization and ability to meet our KPIs.”

– Criselda de Jesus Department Head, HCM and CRM Solutions
Featured Clients
Featured Clients

The best part is that our customers have not seen any difference. We are still working together but with upgraded and compliant systems. We can be ISO certified. This is the key to working with partners such as the UK Post Office.”

– Hugues Piet Lataudrie Row Director BO Solutions and Digital BP
Featured Clients
Featured Clients

Rimini Street took the time to understand our business needs and proposed a tailored solution to reduce our cost and improve our Oracle and SAP system operations. With Rimini Support™, we expect to reduce Oracle and SAP maintenance costs and leverage this budget to our IT infrastructure management. ”

– JinCheol Yoon Head of Digital Support Office

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