Artificial Intelligence Support Applications Help Achieve Faster Resolutions

AI EnhancementArtificial Intelligence (AI) has limitless potential to revolutionize enterprise software support. As part of continued investment in optimizing support processes and ensuring global service delivery outcomes at scale, Rimini Street is using applications of artificial intelligence to deliver better, faster outcomes for clients. The first goal tackled is improved time to resolution. When issues arise, it’s vital to put the right expertise in the right place as quickly as possible.

Recently announced Rimini Street Artificial Intelligence Support Applications (AI Applications)  are part of a series of applications built by the Rimini Street Global Service Delivery Innovation Team to help enhance clients’ overall service experience, including the reduction of issue resolution times. Most applications of artificial intelligence for support try to replace human interaction (think chatbots to manage inquiries). The Rimini Street use of AI applications isn’t designed to replace the exceptional and personal connection between clients, from Primary Support Engineers (PSEs), and other service engineers. Instead, AI Applications enhance the human connection and nurture the relationship between Rimini Street engineers and clients.

The new AI Applications push the envelope for service excellence and are already having a measurable impact on Rimini Street enterprise software services and customer outcomes. Case resolution times have improved by 23%.

“Rimini Street showed us what they were doing with AI early on and how they were using this advanced platform in their daily support operations; we are now personally experiencing the benefits of this platform including faster time to resolution for our support issues.”

-Jay Fisher, CIO, BrandSafway

What Are Rimini Street Artificial Intelligence Support Applications?

Rimini Street AI Applications enhance the ability to deliver the software support that clients need and nip future issues in the bud with a proactive approach. The AI Applications are built on Rimini Street’s Artificial Intelligence Platform, which is a scalable foundation for developing and extending AI algorithms using open-source machine learning and natural language processing technologies. The stack includes infrastructure, tools, algorithms, and data. These elements combine to build, train, and run the support application to deliver actionable insights that enable better service delivery. Part of a series of planned releases, this release includes the following applications of artificial intelligence:

Case Assignment Advisor (CAA)

CAA answers the question: “Which available engineers are the best fit for this case?” By scanning hundreds of highly experienced software support engineers in 17 countries, CAA recommends the best team to work on a client’s issue. The application does this by analyzing more than three dozen vectors to match availability, expertise, and client need to make a recommendation — in seconds. The engine makes recommendations and supplies key information for selecting the best match for the case using several factors that include:

  • The best fit for the knowledge and application support required, based on the client’s technology and experience needs
  • Analysis of visual alerts around time zones, existing workload, and PTO/regional holidays
  • Evaluation of the customer and the case history for insight into recommendations and resolutions


C-Signal answers the question: “How can we prevent future issues?” This application analyzes more than 35 data points, including anomalies, escalations, and sentiment. Through the application of artificial intelligence to existing client history, C-Signal will alert Rimini Street management to cases and clients that may require special attention.

The result is not only faster case resolution but also improved client satisfaction through helping address potential issues before they become problems.

Results for Clients

Rimini Street clients currently enjoy industry-leading enterprise software support with a service level agreement (SLA) of 10-minute response times for Priority 1 critical cases and 15 minutes for Priority 2 cases. According to Scott Hays, senior director of product marketing, “Rimini Street SLA guarantees a 10-minute response time. The actual, average response time is less than three minutes. That’s the power of tech-enabled, human service.” Staffed by top-tier talent with an average of 15 years of experience, the Rimini Street team consistently averages 4.9 out of 5.0 on a 5-point scale in client satisfaction surveys.

The Rimini Street Artificial Intelligence Platform is a unique solution built to drive excellence in enterprise software service and support in the independent, third-party enterprise software support industry. As such, the use of the new AI Applications has already won two prestigious innovation awards:

  • Stevie Sales and Customer Service Award for “Innovation in Customer Service”
  • Stevie American Business Award for “Achievement in Customer Satisfaction”

Q&A: Rimini Street Artificial Intelligence Applications  for Support

What technologies form Artificial Intelligence Support Applications?

Rimini Street AI Support Applications were built by the Rimini Street Global Service Delivery Innovation Team and build on the Rimini Street Artificial Intelligence Platform using open source machine learning and natural language processing technologies.

Does CAA automatically assign engineers?

No, CAA aids with fast analysis and recommendations, then a human expert reviews and makes the ultimate decision. It does not replace human interactions; people still make the decisions.

Do clients have to pay extra or install anything?

Clients do not have to do anything and will be unaware of AI Applications working behind the scenes; they will simply notice that Rimini Street is providing high-quality, ultra-responsive enterprise software support.

How does this change Rimini Street’s support capabilities?

The new AI Applications allow the scale of the ultra-responsive support processes and guide hundreds of global support engineers effectively and efficiently to deliver the best outcomes in the independent, third-party software support industry.

“Rimini Street SLA guarantees a 10-minute response time. The actual, average response time is less than three minutes. That’s the power of tech-enabled, human service.”

Scott Hays, Senior director of product marketing