Top Five Benefits when you Break Free from Legacy Managed Services Models

If you’re juggling a metric ton of project milestones, too many manual business processes, a line-of-business-stakeholder queue that’s out the door, and just not enough time in the day, a change to your managed services model may help.

Would you describe your application management services (AMS) experience as proactive? If your business users changed their priorities today, would you feel confident in your ability to deliver for them? How does your current managed services vendor or contractor prevent incidents from happening across your applications? Do they ever deliver beyond your expectations?

If not, it might be time to break free from your legacy managed services vendor and find a reliable solutions provider to run your applications and ERP systems, support and expand your cloud systems, help optimize operational productivity, and deliver tangible value to the business.

Cloud systems in particular, such as Salesforce®, are robust and complex. They require a great deal of post-implementation support for customizations, new release features and functionality, project requests, and training. Without expert support and sufficient capacity, it can become impossible to optimize utilization, adoption, and consumption to gain maximum ROI.

How could breaking free help you succeed? The top five benefits of a modern managed services model versus a traditional model are:

  • Getting more out of software you paid good money for
  • Automating business processes to meet business demands
  • Scaling to handle unanticipated spikes in update or enhancement requests, or when things break
  • Gaining hours in your day to proactively drive business collaboration and complete project milestones on time
  • Accelerating application development cycles to improve business stakeholder confidence for future funding

Benefit 1: Get more out of software you’ve already paid for

It’s a big advantage to leverage as many software capabilities that facilitate your business priorities as possible, both existing capabilities and new releases. But keeping up is a difficult task for IT teams when competing priorities abound.

Additionally, if your AMS vendor can’t handle the existing volume of requests and ticket backlogs persist, that’s a lose/lose result for performance capability and budget optimization.

Rimini Street unified support — a convergence of product support and application management services, delivered by highly skilled engineers — can help get you to win/win, clearing backlogs, enabling new functionality, and freeing up your IT team for strategic initiatives. The best part? The service includes unlimited service requests and incidents from a catalog of services, with blocks of enhancement hours for new software capabilities — all at a simple, annual subscription price. We’ll also integrate with your existing ticketing systems at no extra cost.

Benefit 2: Automate business processes to meet business demands

Do you have too many manual business processes that lack speed, efficiency, and consistency? Does that hinder your ability to keep up with the business? Does it require extra effort to ensure security and compliance?

Rimini Street delivers preventative maintenance and continuous improvements to help boost your operational efficiency and productivity, simplify workflows, and automate processes to meet business demands.

We also help expedite implementation of new features that can grow revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and improve business outcomes. This comprehensive run and support model is efficient and streamlined, driving faster resolutions and greater capabilities.

Benefit 3: Scale to handle unanticipated spikes in update or enhancement requests, or when things break

With legacy managed services models, it can be difficult to handle a surge. Your traditional model might include a set number of lower-skilled resources, hours, or tickets that are insufficient to accommodate a large spike in service requests when new functionality and improvements are needed, or when something really breaks.

This can lead to unpredictable service levels, less confident business users, or missed project milestones. Any of these can put stress on the team and stress on your relationship with the business if you can’t deliver due to legacy model constraints.

Rimini Street unified support is unlimited. On any day you can log two tickets or 200. We respond in less than 10 minutes for P1 critical issues and absorb incident volumes. Plus, we prevent future incidents from occurring in the first place. Rimini Street includes a resolution-based service level agreement (SLA) that comes with the service request fulfillment target of four hours or less — keeping your systems stable and reducing bloated administrative backlogs.

Rimini Street has a global, follow-the-sun model that optimizes support processes and service delivery outcomes at scale. Our expert engineers know how SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce software is designed to work. Together, they’ve supported millions of lines of custom code. And during the past 15 years, they’ve also gotten really good at fixing what lower-skilled AMS vendors break.

Rimini Street can optimize business processes around your customizations, help take the pressure off your team, and help get your business colleagues back in business. Figure 1 shows our integrated model.

Rimini Street Integrated AMS + Product Support Services

Figure 1

Benefit 4: Gain hours in your day to proactively drive business collaboration and keep project milestones on time

Does your managed services model help you get everything done — for line of business (LOB) stakeholders, enterprise software users, and your own team? Or does it take time away, requiring more SLA oversight and hands-on assists than you have time for?

Rimini Street unified support replaces multi-vendor managed services and self-support, to free you up for higher-order priorities. Our engineers are compensated based on client satisfaction, and our service philosophy is founded upon proactive problem-solving, root cause analysis, and preventative maintenance.

Rimini Street’s industry-leading resolution-based SLA is designed for a run-and-maintain model that delights business users and delivers on critical KPIs. As a result, IT projects become more predictable.

For one Rimini Street client, we reduced Oracle enterprise software open incidents by 56%.1 For a leading manufacturer running SAP, we removed more than 400 hours of manual processing and improved cash flow. For a specialty services provider, we decreased Salesforce case volumes by 24%. Figure 2 shows our approach.

Rimini Street Problem Management and Root Cause Approach

Figure 2


Benefit 5: Accelerate application development cycles to improve business stakeholder confidence for future funding

Leading managed services vendors can deliver DevOps capacity and help you accelerate application development cycles, which can in turn help you build business stakeholder confidence. Yet inevitably, scope creep occurs, which can require more project funds from the business, contributing to decreased stakeholder confidence.

Rimini Street collaborates with you to scope blocks of enhancement hours to maintain and improve your applications, data integrations, and business processes. As a single-source global provider, we have access to the talent and IT skills needed to support and run your Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce software around the clock. And we’ll assign the resources, manage projects proactively, and transparently report on hours consumed.

Rimini Street’s modern approach to support delivers integrated problem-solving and prevention within a subscription price, to help you maximize your IT spend, accelerate development of revenue-generating applications, and improve business stakeholder confidence for future funding.

Examples of Client Success

When Rimini Street ERP support clients break free from legacy managed services models and engage for integrated ERP and AMS support, they see measurable improvements in their business outcomes. Examples of client successes include:

Rimini Street AMS for SAP:

  • Optimized processes and workflows to improve cash flow, including removing 424 hours per year in manual processing, returning $21,000 annually
  • Scaled capacity and productivity, including building a new HR benefit plan for NIBCO associates

Rimini Street AMS for SAP:

  • Accelerated innovation during an economic crisis, including launch of the Iguatemi 365 e-commerce platform — essential for maintaining business during the COVID-19 pandemic; continues to serve customers online today

Rimini Street AMS for Salesforce:

  • Deliver 900+ service requests and enhancements per year
  • Decreased case volumes by 24% by identifying repetitive issues and fixing root cause

NTT Global Data Centers Americas
Rimini Street AMS for Salesforce:

  • Enhanced Salesforce CRM platform to ensure processes remain efficient and that users have access to the new capabilities they need in response to increased business demand during global pandemic; projects demand speed, accuracy, and careful focus on reconfiguring interconnected application for sales operations team

Learn how Rimini Street unified support, including managed services for Salesforce, can help you get more from your IT budget, improve resource allocation, streamline business processes, meet LOB needs, and drive your continued success.




1 Operational summary for Rimini Street AMS for Oracle EBS client, February 15, 2021.