Solving the Salesforce Resource Challenge

There is currently a serious shortage of Salesforce® resources — including Salesforce consultants and Salesforce administrators — that could significantly impact your business.

The Salesforce Resource Challenge

The demand for Salesforce professionals is drastically outpacing supply and causing disruptions in day-to-day business operations. The shortage is also impacting strategic organizational initiatives and limiting digital transformation. Job postings for Salesforce administrators have risen as much as 103%,1 with tens of thousands of Salesforce job requisitions currently listed across the globe.

Salesforce ShortageThe recruiting challenges experienced in the Salesforce ecosystem directly translate to challenges in retaining Salesforce talent as well. A study from Mason Frank finds that 17% of Salesforce professionals expect to leave their employer within 12 months.2

These trends are causing significant challenges for Salesforce customers, including operational disruptions and high, unforeseen variable costs. This resource challenge restricts IT’s ability to align with end users, stakeholders, and broader organizational goals, and can have negative impacts on revenue, customer experience, and market share.

In addition to Salesforce resource challenges, organizations are also facing:

  • Reduced IT budgets and funding
  • Increased digitalization needs
  • Choices between “operate vs. innovate” on the Salesforce platform due to resource and budget constraints
  • Reliance on Salesforce resources with singular or limited skill sets that don’t cover currently adopted or road-mapped Salesforce products
  • Increasing costs to recruit and retain Salesforce resources

The fierce competition for Salesforce professionals — including Salesforce consultants and Salesforce administrators — is forcing Salesforce partners to seek new ways to access talent, maintain day-to-day business operations, and re-focus on strategic initiatives.

Rimini Street Application Management Services (AMS) for Salesforce

Rimini Street AMS for Salesforce can help solve the challenges that Salesforce customers are experiencing, including those related to:

  • Resource constraints, resource availability, and skills gaps
  • Growing backlogs of end-user and stakeholder requests
  • Unpredictable and high costs tied to Salesforce services
  • Low user adoption
  • Growing technical debt
  • Unrealized ROI from the Salesforce platform

Most Salesforce partners focus on project-based work and simply do not have the infrastructure, business process, skillsets, knowledge, and tools to provide top-tier strategic Salesforce support and managed services.

The core competency of Rimini Street has always been support services, with 15 years of market-leading experience, thought leadership, infrastructure, processes, skillsets, knowledge, and delivery of best-in-class support services.

Rimini Street has been a significant factor for many organizations in solving their Salesforce resource challenge. Examples of Rimini Street client successes include:

NTT Global Data Centers Americas

NTT Global Data Centers Americas operates six data center campuses across the United States. NTT uses Rimini Street managed services for Salesforce to augment its internal Salesforce team. Rimini Street has helped NTT drive operational efficiencies and deliver complex solutions for end users and stakeholders through a unique unlimited-usage service delivery model with fixed pricing.

NTT’s Patrick Haley, senior director of sales operations, has found the robust catalog of Rimini Street Salesforce services with fixed pricing to be extremely beneficial:

“With Rimini Street Application Management Services for Salesforce, I have access to a worldwide group of highly qualified engineers. Not only have I expanded the skills and depth of my team, I now get the benefits 24/7.”

“The cost structure for AMS is a huge asset, particularly for the projects that we don’t predict but that inevitably pop up and require timely attention. NTT is a very large company and not having to continually lobby for funding — including projects that I see as being business-critical — is a major plus.”

Read the full NTT Global Data Centers Americas success story


Construction and civil engineering firm, BrandSafway, has a long history of integrating Rimini Street managed services and AMS into the company’s IT service delivery model for its Salesforce application.

“We were struggling with a mountain of tasks, which were incredibly time-consuming, and were looking into hiring additional personnel to help manage the workload. We also knew that we weren’t realizing the full potential of our Salesforce system due to this backlog.” Jay Fisher, CIO, BrandSafway

Rimini Street managed services for Salesforce have helped reduce a growing backlog of requests to a healthy state. By partnering with Rimini Street, BrandSafway has been able to increase user adoption while retiring technical debt.

BrandSafway has also experienced operational efficiencies through quoting capabilities tied to revenue growth initiatives. This change has ensured maximum system uptime with market-leading service level agreements — all resulting in improved employee and customer experiences.

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A Revolutionary Managed Services Model

Rimini Street managed services for Salesforce include a service catalog of more than 170 administrative and development services built directly from the Salesforce Setup menu. This service catalog contains more than 98%3 of the day-to-day work that occurs in Salesforce environments.

The service catalog works on an unlimited-usage capacity, providing end users and stakeholders with highly responsive and efficient operational enhancements to the Salesforce platform. Rimini Street clients have access to a world-class service delivery infrastructure built over 15 years that has benefitted more than 4,400 clients around the globe.

Rimini Street managed services for Salesforce complement and extend internal Salesforce teams to better partner with the business, provide support to stakeholders, and align the Salesforce platform with organizational goals while also:

  • Stabilizing Salesforce costs
  • Controlling backlogs
  • Exceeding the usual needs of end users and stakeholders
  • Proactively fixing root-cause issues
  • Retiring technical debt
  • Driving user adoption
  • Applying Salesforce Release Notes and best-practice solutions
  • Leveraging the latest Salesforce features

Rimini Street Unlimited Usage and Fixed Pricing

Rimini Street Salesforce clients benefit from highly experienced and certified Salesforce experts aligned with each client’s Salesforce product roadmap and organizational goals. Rimini Street services include:

  • Operational Services provide an extensive, easy-to-use service catalog of 170+ items for configuration, administration, reports and dashboards, and data services; the service catalog encompasses approximately 98%3 of the day-to-day Salesforce requests from end users.
  • Advisement Services offer consultative services to guide clients on their Salesforce journey and include:
    • best-practice recommendations for solution design
    • advisement on governance and Center of Excellence
    • DevOps solutions
    • change management and release management strategies
    • continuous improvement and continuous development
    • strategies to increase user adoption
    • strategies to retire technical debt
    • reviewing and applying Salesforce release notes
    • recommendations and installation of AppExchange products
    • alignment of the Salesforce roadmap with business goals
  • Critical Production Support Services are provided through a 24/7/365 follow-the-sun model and cover custom code, integration, and customizations to the Salesforce platform. These services ensure maximum system uptime, monitoring, and market-leading service level agreements (SLAs) for response, updates, and resolutions.
  • Project Services give your business end-to-end implementation services with faster time to delivery and better outcomes resulting from the ongoing managed services partnership. Project Services are provided with a separate statement of work (SOW) outside of the unlimited usage services.

Rimini Street managed services for Salesforce meet the Salesforce resource challenge that is so prevalent today. They addresses many common issues faced by Salesforce customers and help ensure that better business outcomes are achieved with the Salesforce platform.

Learn More

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