Rimini Street Management Team

William Allen
VP, Sales US - South
Mark Armstrong
General Manager Europe, Middle East and Africa
Michael Baron
VP, Sales US - West, Canada
Michael Bathon
VP of Cloud Services
Meyleen Beichler
GVP, Global Marketing Operations
Jim Benge
VP, PeopleSoft Development
Joshua Blair
VP Global Sales Enablement and Effectiveness
Hari Candadai
GVP, Global Product Marketing
Jeetendra Chaware
GVP, India Operations
Brenda S. Davenport
VP, Global Quality Assurance
Michael Davichick
VP, Executive Client Relations
Tim DeLisle
GM, North America
James Fash
GVP and Associate General Counsel, Transactions
Raju Gadiraju
Managing Director, India
Nobutake Gohdo
VP, Client Engagement and Service Delivery, Japan
Meloney Graham
VP, Global EBS/OT Service Delivery
Ray Grigsby
VP, Global JD Edwards Service Delivery
Eric Helmer
GVP, Strategic Services
Paul Henville
GVP, Global Product Delivery
Cari Jaquet
VP, Integrated Marketing
Rodney Kenyon
VP, Global PeopleSoft Service Delivery
Hyungwook “Kevin” Kim
Country Manager, Korea
Christina Kirk
VP, Global Client Engagement
Tony Kirk
VP Sales
Sudhir Kumar
VP, Global Technology Support
Robert Lachs
VP, Sales US - Central
Greg Leiner
VP, SAP Services Solution Architects
George Lester
GVP, Technology Support Services
Gala Lyne
VP, South Central Region
Craig Mackereth
GVP, Global Support
Luiz Mariotto
VP Customer Engagement and Service Delivery, Latin America
Edenize Maron
General Manager, Latin America
Sabrina Martinez
VP & Assistant General Counsel, Global Operations
Stanley Mbugua
VP, Corporate Controller
Michelle McGlocklin
VP, Global Communications
David Miller
VP, Global Client Onboarding
Satish Narasimhan
VP, Finance - FP&A
Tomonori Oku
VP, SAP Service Delivery, Japan
Jack Oster
General Manager, Israel and Eastern Europe
Frank Pecora
VP, Global Client Renewal Sales
Jennifer Perry
VP, Global SAP Service Delivery
Pat Phelan
VP, Market Research
Kien Phung
VP, Global Siebel Service Delivery
John “Jack” Reilly
GVP & Associate General Counsel, Litigation
Darren Remblence
VP, Global Security and Compliance
Frank Reneke
Frank Reneke, GVP and GM, Oracle Services
Eric Robinson
Global VP & General Manager, SAP Services
Praveen Sahni
VP, Global Service Delivery Innovation
Judy Stubbington
VP, Finance
Andrew Terry
GVP and Associate General Counsel, Corporate
Yorio Wakisaka
General Manager - North East Asia
Desmond Whitt
VP, Advanced Technology Services
Heather Young
VP, Sales Development