Retail IT execs struggle to get budget for innovation


Feature provides insight into the importance of IT innovation the retail sector; the piece highlights stats from a global IT survey commissioned by Rimini Street, including how IT leaders often feel locked in to their existing vendor relationships, and how finding the right partner is key to business transformation.

Everyone wants to innovate but where does the money come from?


Detailed analysis of the issue of IT innovation in organisations and how they fund it; in particular highlighting the importance of working with IT vendors to create a services + innovation approach to managing existing costs and driving the adoption of new technologies.

County optimizes existing ERP while laying the groundwork for a new system


This interview with Deputy CIO of Multnomah County provides an overview of the benefits this public sector client received after switching to Rimini Street for its highly customized SAP ECC 6.0 application with Oracle databases. The benefits outlined include cost and time savings as well as streamlined support with a single point of contact who is familiar with the county’s business systems.

Tips on reducing IT expenditure


Article discussing the challenges organisations face around managing IT expenditure and providing a variety of recommendations IT departments can implement.

Why CIOs Are Turning To Third Party Support To Reduce Complexity


This interview with Rimini Street’s CEO, Seth Ravin, highlights the state of the third-party support landscape and how Rimini Street’s role has evolved since going public, the Company’s new offerings in the SaaS market, as well as how the Company is focused on three types of value: optimization, extensibility, and orchestration.

About Salesforce and that pay-per-use model…


Diversity highlights Rimini Street’s offerings to date and the announcement of supporting both Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, which is designed to complement what Salesforce already offers. Editor Ben Kepes explains that with this new offering it gives customers the ability to use a single support partner across both legacy and cloud applications and that gaining support for all the enterprises technology tools drives efficiencies.

Rimini Street inks landmark partnership deal with Salesforce – a conversation with Seth Ravin


Diginomica provides an overview of Rimini Street’s partnership with Salesforce, supporting Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds. In an interview, Rimini Street’s CEO Seth Ravin provides insight into how very few (if any) of Salesforce’s current partners have a track record of the kind of support services Rimini Street offers and how Rimini Street fills a critical service gap.

Rimini Street moves to add business value


Enterprise Times highlights Rimini Street’s new extensibility solution offerings recently added to the Company’s portfolio of services including mobile, analytics and database security add-ons. Editor Stevie Brooks provides his insight on each new solution offering, and his view that this move positions Rimini Street from a provider of IT services towards technology and business support services.

Rimini Street extends ERP life with mobility, analytics, security add-ons


Diginomica summarizes Rimini Street’s launch of mobile, analytics and database security add-ons that customers can use to extend the life of their ERP systems and other core enterprise applications. Dean Alms, group vice president of product strategy, provides further insight on how these new extensions address the most common forms of modernization projects.