Proactive Support Services

Rimini Street Proactive Support Services help prevent and resolve issues before they become real problems through secure monitoring, proactive guidance and tailored reports that include analysis and recommendations for a stable IT environment.

Identify and Resolve Potential Issues Before They Happen

Rimini Street Proactive Support Services include the following offerings:

Architecture & Release Level Assessment

Rapid business change and continual IT churn are here to stay. The first step in overall risk avoidance is mapping your architecture and release levels accurately. The scope of Rimini Street’s comprehensive Architecture & Release Level assessments includes:

    • Production server architecture
    • Product, release, and patch level of each and every technology stack component for each server
    • Architectural design for high availability and business continuity

Hardware Monitoring

Monitoring an application and the resources it utilizes over time can provide valuable insights to proactively identify issues before they become a problem. Rimini Street’s Hardware Monitoring Services not only provide a set of diagnostics for reactive critical issue analysis, but also proactively analyze trends, metrics and utilization over time.

Database Health Check

Rimini Street Database Health Check services deliver a set of simple-to-use diagnostic scripts that evaluate database health regardless of platform or release. These scripts not only capture key metrics, but also provide guidance on acceptable ranges for the metrics collected.

Best Practice Recommendations

Rimini Street’s Best Practice Recommendations offer advisement and guidance for specific client projects and issues. Best-practice resources provided to clients include documentation, scripts and methodology packages for ERP applications, web servers and database servers.

Rimini Street’s Best Practice Services, offered at no additional cost, allow our clients to take advantage of the years of expertise and knowledge across our team of industry veterans to ensure their ERP investment is configured to provide optimal performance throughout the entire the system lifecycle.

Rimini Street Proactive Support Services — How You Benefit

  • Identify issues before they become cases with monitoring services.
  • Receive proactive guidance and recommendations with health check services.
  • Understand how you can run your systems for 15 years with best practice analysis.
  • Leverage expertise and guidance of Rimini Street Primary Support Engineer teams with an average of 15+ years of hands-on experience.