Identify and Mitigate Issues Before They Become Critical

Rimini Street Proactive Support Services can help keep your business-critical ERP systems up and running smoothly by troubleshooting problems before they can slow you down. Any misconfigurations or poor performance issues can ripple into your applications. Through secure monitoring, proactive guidance, real-time dashboards and customized reports, our experts can help you maintain a stable IT environment and help keep your business users productive.


In today's user climate, "slow is the new broken." Rimini Street's expert staff can help you accommodate user demands by proactively and more accurately determining what's going on across your ERP environment, so you can better position yourself to meet critical SLAs. We help you quickly pinpoint issues, mitigate them and help provide best practices for maintaining your ERP system.

Proactive Monitoring: Alerts and diagnostic metrics for proactive analysis
Database Health Check: Reports that capture key database metrics and more
Database Optimization and Advisory Services: Technical support and guidance

Key Benefits

Identify and Resolve Issues Faster

  • Improve ERP system stability and performance
  • Boost staff productivity

Solve Problems Before They Escalate

  • Help prevent issues with proactive guidance and customized reports and dashboards
  • Provide better IT service delivery

Validate Best Practices

  • Improve confidence with third-party validation for your database configuration and maintenance
  • Help ensure your team is following best practices in managing your system

Proactive System Monitoring and Expert Support

Optimize your ERP system with proactive monitoring and problem-solving while improving service quality.
Troubleshoot issues before they become critical
Keep your system stable and users productive
Improve service quality
Avoid expensive ERP vendor tools and commercial support
Get validation to help your team meet critical SLAs

“We are always looking for ways to make sure our SAP systems are stable. With Rimini Street Watch for SAP, we can monitor, trend capacity, and identify application and performance issues faster, and in some cases before they happen. This service helps us determine server, services, and application availability. For us, this means fast detection of issues within the complete technology stack, not just the application. Combined with Rimini Street’s SAP ERP expertise, these proactive diagnostics and web-based dashboards help improve our support experience.”

Rich Santoriello, Director, Data Center & Shared Services, Butterball, LLC