How SAP Customers Are Responding to the Planned 2025 End of ECC6 Mainstream Maintenance Deadline

SAP Customers Respond to 2025 ECC

Many SAP customers are feeling pressure from SAP to migrate to the early-stage SAP S/4HANA platform due to the planned end of mainstream maintenance date of 2025 for Business Suite 7 core application releases. This looming deadline has created a decision point for CIOs as they determine their SAP roadmap and strategy for the next decade and beyond. SAP customers must decide if they will migrate to S/4HANA now, given the planned 2025 end-of-support deadline, or gain the flexibility and time to choose a roadmap and a next-generation system that best fits their needs.

Rimini Street recently conducted the 2019 SAP Application Survey to better understand how SAP customers are going to manage their application strategy, plans to migrate to S/4HANA and the impact of SAP's 2025 deadline on their roadmap plans.