Rimini Street Advanced Database Security is a next-generation database security solution enhanced with technology from McAfee. Our solution protects your databases from known and unknown vulnerabilities by continuously monitoring and analyzing shared memory. Rimini Street Advanced Database Security employs virtual patching to block attempted attacks before they reach your database.

"By combining virtual patching with real-time monitoring plus third-party support, we are more protected and better supported than ever before."

Ron Traub, Senior Operations Manager, Suburban Propane

  • Patch and protect known and unknown vulnerabilities without taking your databases offline
  • Reduce risk through accelerated update delivery typically within 24 to 48 hours after a vulnerability is published
  • Eliminate the need for time-consuming and costly code regression testing
  • Receive comprehensive coverage and more effective protection for a wide range of databases

Virtual Patching Reduces the Likelihood of Risk

Faster Time-to-Protection

Traditional vendor patching models require extensive regression testing plus downtime for production systems. Virtual patching, on the other hand, can deliver more comprehensive protection typically within 24-to-48 hours after a vulnerability is discovered or a vendor patch is released – without impacting your production systems.

Rimini Street Advanced Database Security is a subscription service for our database support clients and includes award-winning support and 15-minute guaranteed response times for critical issues.

Vendor Patch v Virtual Patch

Global Security Services

Rimini Street Global Security Services enables organizations to gain a holistic approach to security across the enterprise. Our solutions provide clients with actionable security intelligence to reduce potential exposure. From tailored security vulnerability analysis reports to expert advice in the identification and selection of critical security controls (and vendors), we help clients ensure that they successfully reduce and manage risk far beyond ERP applications and databases.

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Supported Database Product Lines

Rimini Street Advanced Database Security is available for:

Oracle Database
SAP HANA and Sybase Databases
IBM Db2 Database
Microsoft SQL Server

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