Mitigate compliance risk associated with vendor licensing

Tracking and monitoring software usage and maintaining software license compliance is no small task - especially in Hybrid IT models. It takes a lot of time, effort, expertise and expense. Rimini Street License Advisory Services helps lighten the load. We assist you with developing a clearer understanding of your vendor license policies and agreements. We help you cut through the confusion around complex vendor licensing agreements and be better prepared for audits.


Leverage our in-depth knowledge of license compliance, and learn how to proactively manage application software assets and monitor license usage.

Advisory Services: Expert guidance to clarify vendor license agreements
Engagement Services: Identify vulnerability to compliance risk
Solution Services: Streamline software asset management

Key Benefits

Reduce Complexity and Cost

  • Utilize our experts’ guidance to help you choose favorable contract terms
  • Learn proven techniques to better manage software assets and monitor license usage
  • Get advice on choosing the right asset management tools and providers

Minimize Compliance Risk

  • Stay updated on licensing changes
  • Identify vulnerabilities and risky vendor policies and practices
  • Mitigate noncompliance penalties and litigation

Prepare for Vendor Audits and Negotiations

  • Know your rights and obligations so you can approach audits with confidence
  • Arm yourself with knowledge when negotiating with vendors
  • Make audits easier and reduce likelihood of costly penalties

Better Manage Product Licenses and Software Assets

Reduce the guesswork and costs, and improve efficiency when it comes to software licensing, asset management and compliance.
Better understand software licenses and usage
Decrease compliance risk
Prepare for audits
Cut costs and ease demand on company resources
Improve asset management
Covers Oracle, SAP, IBM and Microsoft products

4 Best Practices to Reduce the Pain of an Oracle License Audit

Licensees can typically expect an Oracle or other major vendor audit every three to five years