In today’s complex IT landscape, CIOs face increasing pressure to deliver value quickly, despite the hurdles of application support and talent shortages. How can they accelerate innovation amidst these challenges?

The answer lies in Unified Software Services (USS). Constellation Research delves into this innovative approach in their recent report sponsored by Rimini Street, “The Evolution of Unified Software Services.” The white paper explains the value of an independent provider in providing objective, vendor-neutral, and technology-agnostic guidance for a robust enterprise software strategy. Key takeaways include:

  • A comprehensive understanding of USS and its influence across the business
  • Insights into USS’s role in optimizing and transforming the business
  • A guide to adopting a USS strategy with minimal disruption
  • The latest trends in USS for the current year

This report serves as an essential guide for those seeking strategies to realize business value faster, reduce costs, and succeed in IT evolution and digital transformation. Evaluate if USS is your next step in delivering and managing IT solutions effectively.

Read the Constellation report.
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Unlock the power of Unified Software Services.

Read the report from Constellation Research.