Evaluating the Potential of Third-Party Support in Reducing IT Costs*

Gartner ReportSoftware is either the first or second largest cost within the IT budget, and software support accounts for between 50%-60% of that cost. Plus, software support and maintenance costs typically rise each year, yet support requirements often decline as application stability matures and organizational expertise develops.

This Gartner report teaches best practice-techniques that can help you significantly reduce software maintenance and support costs for both on-premises and SaaS. For example:

  • Don’t assume that the premium-priced service is the most cost-effective one.
  • Reduce shelfware, or at least stop paying full maintenance on it.
  • Evaluate third-party support or a self-support model.

* Rob Wilkes & Dawn Hubbard, " Reduce Your Software Maintenance and Support Costs by Up to 50% by Deploying These Often-Overlooked but Effective Best Practices," Gartner, Nov. 30, 2016.