Third-party Support for SAP: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

September 30th Deadline

Hand SAP your software support cancellation notice before the September 30 SAP deadline and give yourself the gift of improved ERP support quality this year — and every year.


2020 was a unique year for all, as the world grappled with COVID-19 and the impact it had on personal and professional lives. The pandemic has shifted priorities, with many once hoarding toilet paper and disinfectant wipes (something to smile about now).

But for CIOs, this global disruption has been no laughing matter. IT priorities rapidly changed, causing teams to quickly pivot and focus on initiatives to help their companies survive. And if you were one of the lucky ones who could react quickly, your attention shifted to coming out of these turbulent times and thriving in the new economic reality.

The pandemic has also triggered cost optimization initiatives — with IT support costs as a focal area. By September 30 of every year, many SAP support customers give SAP a generous early holiday gift of software maintenance fees equal to about 22% of the original license fees paid. And there is little value or joy gifted back in return.

Imagine if you could cut your SAP support cost by at least 50%, have a happier new year, and use that extra money to fund critical strategic initiatives that bring more value to your business.


Research Shows: Current SAP Systems Are Meeting Business Needs

In “Navigating the Future of SAP,” a recent IDG global survey,1 95% of respondents say that their business needs are being met by their current SAP systems. As companies assess their IT needs in this economic climate, ERP is not at the center of the discussion, nor are technical upgrades or SAP migrations.

The September 30 SAP support cancellation deadline is rapidly approaching. Why not give SAP notice today and switch to third-party support for SAP? By giving notice before the SAP deadline, you can give your organization the gift of newly available IT budget funds, making this holiday season even merrier for everyone. And there’s no risk. You can go back to SAP support at any time.


The Experts Agree on Third-Party Support

IDG and Gartner have validated a third-party support strategy. In its “Navigating the Future of ERP” report, IDG concluded:

“Given the fast-paced climate and focus on digital innovation, companies may find third-party support a far more pragmatic and compelling strategy for pursuing innovation and business growth than following the migration path dictated by SAP.”

Gartner also recommends switching to third-party support as a practical tactic to respond to reduced budgets and resources as businesses look to recover from the pandemic.3

The trend toward third-party support is primarily driven by organizations looking for more value from their support dollars. Erik LaValle, senior director of product and technology at T-Mobile, describes his switch to third-party support for SAP: “We looked for a fair exchange of value in terms of the aging of our platform and the support we were getting, compared to what was available in the marketplace. It became very clear that moving to a third-party support provider offered a compelling alternative for us.”

Avoid another year of SAP lock-in. Give yourself the gift of third-party support for SAP rather than giving SAP the gift of a 90% (!) profit margin on your support dollars. Prepare for the holiday season early and avoid the mad rush.

Give notice now.


Learn More About Third-Party Support for SAP

Learn more about how independent, third party support for SAP can help you optimize your current SAP support spend and unlock resources for innovation. For additional information, watch this former CIO debunk one of the biggest myths about third-party support and read an analyst’s calculation of the ROI of third-party support for SAP.


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