In the eighth of 11 episodes, Hari Candadai, Global VP at Rimini Street, interviews former global CIO Tom Grooms to discuss third-party support as a key to unlock resources for digital transformation.

Third-party IT support delivers total potential savings well beyond the 50% savings in annual support fees compared to software vendor support. With third-party support, CIOs can reallocate both budget and staff to critical new initiatives.

When vendor support does not cover a customized environment, IT teams turn to self-support, which can be a hard habit to break. Grooms describes engaging with third-party IT support and then retraining his team to stop the self-support and trust the new partner to do the software maintenance. This freed up his team to learn new skills and work on high impact new projects for the business.

Don’t support yourself, recommends Grooms. Trust third-party support, then redirect your team to exciting new initiatives and successes.