In the ninth of 10 episodes, Hari Candadai, Global VP at Rimini Street, interviews Ray Wang, CEO of Constellation Research to discuss digital transformation solutions in the face of the global pandemic.

The good news from the pandemic is that IT finally has a seat at the table, after “saving the day” by enabling new technologies and business continuity during COVID-19. The tech point of view is now sought for decision-making, strengthening the process.

Investing in technology during the pandemic can be a function of market position and industry. Market leaders who had already embraced and implemented digital transformation are doubling down and taking more share through IT investments. Companies without digital business models or digital channels are fighting to survive through cost reduction.

Industries with a pre-pandemic vison beyond the infrastructure, e.g. a focus on innovation and intelligence, are investing for growth. Traditional industries like financial services, and industries with density as a business model, such as retail, hospitality, and travel, are investing in technology for reinvention. And it’s the IT teams that are helping them build those new channels and capabilities.