Securing Your Systems with a Next-Generation Layered Security Strategy

Times have changed for security, and it’s important to ensure you apply the correct controls to enterprise systems. Security breaches involving highly visible companies such as Equifax and JPMorgan Chase are in the news constantly, but each day many lesser-known organizations struggle to remediate security risks and deal with attacks. Fortunately, there are low hanging fruit which will improve your security program and address the highest priorities.

Securing enterprise applications and databases need not be overly complicated, but it does take planning. Modern security solutions provide the fast, comprehensive and easy-to-deploy vulnerability protection needed in today’s complex, multi-vendor technology landscape.

The good news is you can take advantage of modern and proven solutions, knowledge and best practices to reduce risk for your applications and databases. This paper examines how you can improve your security program to address the highest priorities – providing insight into the five essential areas that demand your attention. You can employ them to improve your security posture as part of a holistic approach.

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