Break the Cycle and Drive Cost Savings on Maintenance and Support for Oracle Products

According to Gartner, “…support costs for [legacy software]… typically increase each year, while the benefits gained from that support decrease…This dynamic has led more SPVM leaders to seek alternative, lower-cost support options.”1 Thousands of Oracle customers today use Rimini Street to deliver cost savings of up to 90% on total maintenance and support, while improving service quality and responsiveness.

1Gartner, Predicts 2020: Negotiate Software and Cloud Contracts to Manage Marketplace Growth and Reduce Legacy Costs, 18 December 2019

Rimini Street Benefits for State of California Oracle Clients

Rimini Street independent, third-party support helps reduce total costs of maintenance and support for Oracle products by up to 90% while liberating your IT capacity to drive your strategic priorities without the vendor dictating your decisions.

Cost savings

Save up to 90% on total costs of maintenance and support for your Oracle software while improving service quality and responsiveness

Increase IT resource capacity

Support your existing Oracle software (including customizations) for at least 15 years without forced continuous updates, and including optional managed services to offload day-to-day Oracle operations

Drive your strategic priorities

Focus your budget and resources on business-driven priorities, whether sustaining current operations or accelerating new growth and innovation, without the vendor dictating your roadmap or timing.

Rimini Street Third-Party Support for SAP S4/HANA

Comparison Chart

Support Features
Rimini Street
Oracle Premier & Extended
Oracle Sustaining
Support Services
Application and documentation fixes
No New Fixes
Operational and configuration support
Installation and upgrade support
Global tax, legal, and regulatory updates
No New Updates
Named, regional Primary Support Engineer with an average of 15 years experience
Account management services
15-minute guaranteed response SLA for P1 critical cases with 2-hour updates
Customization support
Performance support
Interoperability and integration support
Full support of current release for at least 15 years from contract date
Strategic Services
Technical, functional, and application roadmap advisory services
Cloud advisory services
License advisory services
Security advisory services
Interoperability and integration advisory services
Impact on Resources
Significant reduction in operating costs (budget, people, time)
Independence from vendor-dictated roadmap

Featured Clients

Featured Clients
Featured Clients

We've been able to free up resources and time to invest in the development and introduction of new applications.”

– Morgan Chang IT Director
Featured Clients
Featured Clients

The actual work to do the tax updates is easier than Oracle's PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) process. Our analysts now save 40-60 hours on each quarterly update.”

– Jon Cohen Manager, IT Enterprise Solutions
Featured Clients
Featured Clients

In the long run, this has allowed us to prioritise our technology investments to drive an easier and more engaging customer experience.”

– Michael Howard Chief Operating Officer

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