Strategic Roadmap Services

Rimini Street's Strategic Roadmap Services help clients proactively develop a strategic roadmap for the postmodern ERP era. For example, many clients wish to integrate innovative cloud solutions into a hybrid IT landscape, or to take advantage of new social, mobile and big data technologies - all while continuing to run and leverage their stable, on-premise "system of record" applications for a minimum of 15 years.

Innovate, Evolve and Grow Under Rimini Street Third-Party Support

Rimini Street's Strategic Roadmap Services include:

Technology Roadmaps Help Maximize the Lifespan of Your ERP Architecture

Rimini Street Technology Roadmaps provide relevant end-of-life (EOL) dates for your architecture and applications, plus specific strategies to maximize the lifetime of your systems and applications. Our Technology Roadmaps help solve EOL issues with Oracle and SAP applications, including as they relate to web browsers, hardware, server operating systems and desktop operating systems.

Strategic Planning, Functionality Mapping & Enhancement Analysis Help Maximize the Value of Your ERP System

Clients often have unused ERP shelfware, and Rimini Street provides guidance on how to best implement that ERP shelfware using the client's savings from switching to Rimini Street Support. In addition, we can review your ERP application configurations to see if there are any currently available features or functionality you are not using or aware of that could provide additional value to your organization. And to enhance your hybrid IT strategic planning, we provide functional innovation roadmaps that help you determine the best systems of engagement to add to your core systems of record.

Cloud Services to Ensure a Smooth Transition to the Cloud

Rimini Street Cloud Services enable clients to rapidly and cost-effectively integrate cloud solutions into their hybrid IT landscape, while providing comprehensive support for their mission-critical Oracle and SAP systems of record. We can help you increase flexibility in how and when you adopt cloud solutions, without the limitations and high costs associated with software vendor support policies and vendor lock-in.

For example, a client may wish to implement as a front end to a large, highly customized Siebel CRM system that forms the core of a global CRM infrastructure, or to replace part of its Siebel deployment with in certain divisions or business units.

Another example is a client who wants to move to Workday Human Resources, while continuing to use its full-featured and stable PeopleSoft Financials and SAP Supply Chain and Manufacturing applications.

In both the HCM and CRM scenarios, Rimini Street would provide support for any Oracle and SAP applications being migrated to the cloud through the transition, and would then continue with support for the remaining on-premise components.

Rimini Street Cloud Services include Oracle and SAP application support, migration and integration planning assistance, and support of decommissioned legacy systems used for reporting purposes.

Rimini Street Strategic Roadmap Services — How You Benefit

  • Gain competitive advantage by deploying innovative, best-of-breed solutions — mobility, cloud, big data — with savings from independent support.
  • Increase flexibility in how and when you adopt cloud solutions without the limitations and high costs associated with software vendor support policies.
  • Stabilize your core hybrid IT environment by avoiding forced software vendor upgrades and continuing to run and leverage stable ERP/HCM/CRM on-premise components for a minimum of 15 years after switching to Rimini Street.