Uninterrupted support during periods of business disruption

A fundamental tenet of support is that it’s there when you need it. In a time of unpredicted business disruption—whether it’s local, regional, or worldwide—you want to know that the people you rely on for enterprise software and database support are at the ready, able to diagnose and resolve issues 24x7x365 worldwide.

While external factors can cause significant upheaval, a partner that helps you maintain business continuity amongst seemingly uncontrollable dynamics is vital for ongoing efficiency and effectiveness of your organization.

At Rimini Street, we’re prepared, connected, and ready to help—without interruption.

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Charting a course for delivering uninterrupted support during a time of business disruption is not new to Rimini Street. We built our operations to handle this—we are Engineered for Support®.

Our philosophy has always been to find the most experienced and talented engineers wherever they are and empower them with a network of people, processes, and technology that lets them collectively serve our clients in the best way possible.

We have sustained our ultra-responsive support operations through outbreaks of H1N1 (2009), MERS (2018), and natural disasters including hurricane Harvey that flooded Houston (2017) and impacted some of our employees and clients.

While the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent “social distancing” mandates have put an unprecedented strain on organizations, Rimini Street is leveraging our inherent makeup along with numerous experiences over the past decade-plus in uninterrupted service and support to our global clients in the face of disruption.

Resilient processes

Our teams of support engineers are empowered with sophisticated workflow tools and processes to keep the “resolution factory” running like a well-oiled machine.

Overlapping coverage of expertise

With nearly 700 full-time employees delivering support and maintenance services, we have the breadth of expertise and fully redundant skills profiles needed to be ready when application-specific cases are reported.

Globally distributed workforce

Our support engineers span the globe, allowing us to run a true 24x7x365 operation with overlapping time zones and enabling infrastructure to maintain context for follow-the-sun issue resolution.

Fully operational remote capability

We created an innovative and secure global remote-connectivity infrastructure to keep our workforce online to serve our clients any day, any time, from almost anywhere in the modern world.

Key Benefits

Uninterrupted support

  • Same process for requesting support
  • True “follow the sun” 24x7x365 capability with global resilience built-in
  • Worldwide coverage and overlapping, deep bench of experts for all your supported systems and locations

Business continuity

  • Fully prepared with comprehensive Global Emergency Operating Plan
  • Same commitment to response time SLAs
  • Same cadence of update communications per our SLAs

Peace of mind

  • Same ultra-responsive, superior service experience you have come to expect from Rimini Street
  • Personalized service from our human-first, service-oriented culture
  • One less thing to worry about during business disruption events

“Rimini Street makes customers feel important. The team is very reassuring when problems arise, and they regularly check on our team, which is important to me. Also, the turnaround time from when my team logs a ticket to when we receive the response from Rimini Street is fantastic. My team members do not even have time to go and make a cup of coffee—that is how fast Rimini Street gets back to their customers.”

Marhalisa Matari, Sr. Manager, IT Application Management, Group Information Technology, Proton

Prepared, Connected, and Ready to Help

Uninterrupted support for your business continuity.

100% operational
100% committed to contractual SLAs
100% same workforce connected remotely
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Prepared, Connected, and Ready to Help

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