Functional Support Services

Rimini Street’s Functional Support Services help clients develop a strategic roadmap for the modern ERP era. This roadmap reflects the strategic decision many of our clients have made to intentionally stay several releases behind the latest available version in their software archive and extract the maximum value out of their ERP applications investment.

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Core Components of Rimini Street Roadmap Services

Rimini Street’s strategic roadmap services include:

ERP Research

Rimini Street conducts ERP research on behalf of our clients to answer specific questions or to resolve issues they have encountered, including:

  • SAP’s Cloud Strategy
  • Oracle’s Cloud Strategy
  • SAP HANA vs Oracle 12c
  • SaaS Pricing and Contract Terms
  • Changes Necessary for SAP S4 HANA

Functionality Mapping

Constantly upgrading ERP systems can be very expensive, time-consuming, and causes a tremendous amount of disruption for organizations to deal with.

It is common for ERP vendors to try and justify charging their customers millions in annual support maintenance while a significant amount of their updates are minor in nature and sometimes unnecessary. Ideally, many of these updates would be incorporated into the initial design, and not spread out over many releases and years.

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Optimization Analysis

Many companies have challenges with a particular application or business function. Rimini Street can review current application configurations and suggest potential adjustments to solve common issues, including shelf-ware or procured licenses to software applications or modules that are not installed or configured. The goal is to extend and maximize your ERP capabilities without upgrading or purchasing more software in order to remain on support.

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Innovation Mapping

When upgrading to newer versions of software, Rimini Street can help you defer upgrades that aren’t needed, and still innovate while maintaining your core systems. Our select partners offer seamless ERP solutions that are typically less expensive, and faster to implement than what the ERP vendors offer. These include demand planning, supply chain optimization, and hosting & managed services.

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Innovative Solutions

Rimini Street offers solutions to help exploit more value from existing ERP systems to their fullest and prevent costly upgrades that do not necessarily provide proportionate value and improve TCO.

Rimini Street Mobility, Powered by Capriza
Quickly and cost-effectively mobile-enable your workforce

Rimini Street Mobility can empower you and your team to rapidly create and distribute a mobile app in days, while avoiding business disruption. Leveraging your existing enterprise applications, customizations and processes, you can extend and simplify critical workflows directly to your team members.

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Rimini Street Analytics
Empower your users to make better data-driven decisions quickly

Rimini Street Analytics provides a best-of-breed business intelligence framework with an intuitive, self-service reporting model. Our solution includes a customizable GUI so it’s easy for you and your team to create, modify and run reports leveraging your existing data sources from enterprise software applications, databases and cloud solutions.

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Strategic Roadmap services help you extend, optimize, and enhance your ERP system and free up funds so you can innovate.

  1. Cost savings through automation, while avoiding business disruption
  2. Avoid unnecessary upgrades or re-implementation, improving productivity
  3. Operational agility by simplifying Oracle and SAP ERP environments, clearing a path to cloud