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Advance Your SAP Architecture with Rimini Street

Despite SAP’s push to move licensees to S/4HANA, many organizations don’t have a compelling business for a costly, disruptive migration to S/4HANA.

After evaluating its maturity, cost, and limited ROI, some SAP licensees haven chosen to defer making an S/4HANA decision. While others are saying “no” to S/4HANA to evaluate other modern cloud applications. And many SAP licensees are planning their S/4HANA journey or already running an S/4HANA implementation now.

Regardless of the path you choose, Rimini Street can help you define your SAP strategy before, during, and after implementation of S/4HANA.

This e-book highlights dozens of examples of how organizations like yours partner with Rimini Street to optimize their current and future ERP roadmaps – with or without S/4HANA.

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