Profitability or Growth – Why Choose?

Join this exclusive Rimini Street SmartTM event for thought leadership learning, sharing, and collaborating with top experts, influential CXOs, and IT leaders of the Rimini Street community, followed by networking cocktails and dinner.

If you’re feeling pressured to keep costs under control while still supporting the company’s growth, you won’t want to miss this event. With the right strategies in place, you can make ROI-based decisions more confidently and maximize the value of your enterprise applications while remaining agile.

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Who Should Attend

  • IT, business, finance, and procurement leaders in the RSI client community
  • CIOs/CFOs want to move IT to ROI-based decisions
  • IT leaders who need expert, unified support services

Why Attend

Exchange views

Exchange views

and share proven solutions with other IT leaders
Get the latest insights

Get the latest insights

from our work with thousands of clients
Hear directly from successful clients

Hear directly from successful clients

about overcoming challenges
Network and have FUN!

Network and have FUN!

Enjoy cocktails & dinner at The Westin London City
Eric Helmer
Eric Helmer
SVP & Chief Technology Officer

Eric Helmer serves as SVP & Chief Technology Officer. In this role, he is responsible for advising clients on strategic innovation initiatives that align with financial, technical, and functional long-term corporate goals across applications that include Oracle, SAP, IBM, and Microsoft. These initiatives are designed to maximize the effectiveness of mission-critical enterprise software systems.

Mr. Helmer is skilled executive leader with 25 years of IT experience and proven leadership delivering strategic corporate IT transformational projects. He has a strong track record in designing and implementing technical, complex enterprise technology initiatives that provide real return on investment, competitive advantage, and growth for companies.

Prior to joining Rimini Street, Mr. Helmer was a vice president at Velocity Technology Solutions, where he led the application services team in delivering transformational cloud and IT solutions for Oracle enterprises.

Mr. Helmer has a broad consulting background with firms such as Linium, ADI Strategies, and The Hackett Group, where he delivered successful IT projects throughout the U.S., the U.K., India, the UAE, Singapore, and Thailand.

Mr. Helmer holds a Master’s degree in business administration and a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science. He is a published author; Oracle ACE alumni; and a sought-after, award-winning industry speaker in Oracle conferences. He also has served on many boards of directors, including the Oracle Developer Tools User Group (ODTUG).

Emmanuelle Hose
Emmanuelle Hose
GVP & Theatre GM, EMEA

Emmanuelle Hose serves as GVP & Theatre GM, EMEA. In this role, she is responsible for leading the full business operations and fostering the company’s continued market expansion in the region.

Ms. Hose is a skilled executive leader with more than 25 years of experience in IT and expertise in leading enterprise software sales, service, and development operations across Europe, North America, and Oceania. Ms. Hose relocated to France to lead Rimini Street’s expansion across EMEA.

Immediately prior to her current role, Ms. Hose led the Australia and New Zealand team as its GVP & General manager, winning multiple awards along the way. She joined Rimini Street in 2014 as a senior account executive and became a sales director, leading business operations in the two countries and delivering exceptional client service, accelerating sales growth, and extending the leadership position of Rimini Street in the software support market across the region.

Earlier in her career, Ms. Hose served in executive roles with several global software companies.

Ms. Hose holds a Bachelor of Science degree (2/1) Hons (Upper Division) in information technologies from the University of Brighton in the United Kingdom.

John Elliott
John Elliott
Chief Technology Officer
Simon Lytton
Simon Lytton
VP IT, Applications
Gary Fielding
Gary Fielding
Corporate Director, Resources / s151 Officer
North Yorkshire Council
2:00 pm
Attendee Arrival
2:30 pm
Welcome Address & Regional Update:
Emma Hose, GVP & Theatre GM, EMEA, Rimini Street
2:40 pm
Keynote Presentation: Choose Both - Accelerated Growth and Improved Profitability
Faced with growing economic uncertainty and budgetary concerns, companies feel as if they face a difficult choice of prioritizing profitability OR  growth. Rimini Street clients can achieve both with 3 winning how-to strategies. 
  • Maximize Investments by Shifting to ROI-based Decisions: Transform from a cost center to a profit center by re-allocating costs and resources to maximize business outcomes and improve the bottom line
  • Accelerate growth by innovating around the edges: Keep your stable enterprise software while accelerating innovation to deliver competitive advantage.
  • Manage increasingly complex IT environments with end-to-end services: Effectively support the growing complexity of technology portfolio with end-to-end service approach
3:05 pm
Client Presentation: Shaping a Winning Strategy Without Sacrificing the Levels of Service
John Elliott, Chief Technology Officer, Sainsbury’s
In the past two years, Sainsbury’s has been investing in their customer proposition. A clear mission was set to ‘Win in Food’ and an equally clear mission to ‘Save to Invest’ in customer pricing and colleague pay. In the UK’s fiercely competitive retail market, this required the full force of the Sainsbury’s team to identify more than half a billion pounds of investment to invest in shelf-edge pricing.

In this session CTO John Elliott will share how Sainsbury’s Tech rose to this challenge to maintain their tech, without sacrificing service levels. “No change is a risk-averse option” said John, but only making the same decisions achieves the same results, so Sainsbury’s had to throw out the rule book and be brave with their next moves. “By pivoting our strategy and collectively solving for customers and colleagues, we have raised our game” John adds. Moreover, what started out as a cost-saving play, the partnership between Sainsbury’s and Rimini Street is now growing to be much more – join this session to hear about Sainsbury’s brave journey to success.
3:25 pm
Client Presentation: Thinking Globally and Acting Locally to Achieve Profitability & Growth
Simon Lytton, VP Information Technology, Applications, BrandSafway
Initially focusing on reducing spend and "doing more with less", in this session Simon Lytton will share how the relationship between BrandSafway and Rimini Street has evolved over the past 8 years. This strategic partnership has helped them continue to rollout and enhance their core ERP to 28 countries and established a long-term program to meet future challenges and business needs. Hear how BrandSafway were able to gain control of their enterprise software roadmap, pursued EBS customization strategy, and more, achieving both profitability and growth.
3:45 pm
Client Presentation: How North Yorkshire Council were able to Manage Increased Demand, Without Increased Resources
Gary Fielding, Corporate Director, Resources / s151 Officer, North Yorkshire Council
Earlier this year, eight councils merged to become one unitary authority, North Yorkshire Council, covering almost all of North Yorkshire. Whilst this allowed the new authority to reap in the benefits of economies of scale, it also brought up skills shortages required to merge multiple organisations into one streamlined unit. Paired with the higher volumes of demand for their services caused by the current cost-of-living crisis in the UK, North Yorkshire Council had to think outside the box to be able to continue supporting 618,000 people. Hear how they:
  • Were able to free up IT resources — including budget, people, and time — to deliver fast and agile innovations that support increases in demand
  • Maximised the value of existing systems whilst remaining agile to support organisational needs
  • Successfully integrated eight councils into their Oracle ERP, on-time and on-budget with Rimini Consult™
4:05 pm
Networking Break
4:25 pm
Expert Panel Discussion: Mitigating Risk in Uncertain Times with a Composable Business Strategy 
Eric Helmer, SVP & Chief Technology Officer, Rimini Street
John Elliott, Chief Technology Officer, Sainsbury’s
Gary Fielding, Corporate Director, Resources / s151 Officer, North Yorkshire Council
Simon Lytton, VP Information Technology, Applications, BrandSafway
A composable modular ERP strategy is one in which an organization chooses an optimised mix of vendors and technologies that best meet their needs as opposed to a single monolithic vendor for everything.  For most ERP customers, a composable strategy will enable them to deliver innovations much faster to support their ever-changing business needs and accelerate their growth.

Join this panel of experts to learn:
  • What is a composable modular strategy and how far have your peers implemented it 
  • Methods and approaches to successfully implement a composable business
  • How composability can protect a company from vendor lock-in
5:15 pm
Special Guest Speaker
5:30 pm
Closing Remarks
5:35 pm
Networking Cocktail Reception
6:20 pm
Idea-Sharing Dinner