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Welcome to Word on the Street


Welcome to our new blog — Word on the Street.

There has never been a more complex and challenging time for IT leaders. They need to optimize their existing enterprise software investments, extend their current capabilities leveraging a hybrid computing model, and then transform into a digital enterprise via an intelligent, agile roadmap.

We are launching Word on the Street as a resource for IT leaders to hear from industry experts and thought leaders, inside and outside of Rimini Street, who will share their observations and analyses of industry trends in optimization, capability extension and transformation to the digital enterprise of the future. In addition, IT leaders can use Word on the Street to learn more about important technology innovations, effective support cost-management strategies, and Rimini Street client case studies.

The debut of Word on the Street coincides with Rimini Street's launch of its next phase of growth as a publicly traded company (Nasdaq: RMNI). Rimini Street and third-party support have both come a long way in the twelve busy years since our mission to redefine enterprise software support began.

We founded the company to disrupt the status quo of expensive maintenance contracts, low-value support and poor service, and to redefine the enterprise software support market — by offering our clients the best support value and most responsive service in the industry. Today, with a proven track record of delivering award-winning service to more than 2,000 clients to date — including Fortune 500, Global 100, mid-market and public sector organizations from a broad range of industries around the world — Rimini Street is recognized as the leader in third-party support for enterprise software.

From day one, our goal has been to provide the highest level of both value and customer service to our clients. Our tagline says it all. We are Engineered for Support®. We live this every single day by delivering the highest support capabilities, service levels, service breadth, software solutions, technology and overall value to our clients.

We are proud that clients who initially came to Rimini Street for significant savings stay for the premium service. Today, clients strategically rely on Rimini Street support to shift funds and resources from support cost savings to invest in competitive advantage and innovate for the future. We plan to continue aggressively investing in new services and capabilities to bring added value — as well as optimization, extension and transformation opportunities — to our clients.

We are excited about helping our clients get the most from their stay on Rimini Street.

Engineered for Support

There is one street, unlike any other, where companies enjoy higher levels of support for enterprise software and can save up to 90% on total maintenance costs to free funds to drive innovation. It is home to the most intelligent enterprises who have saved over $2 billion to date just by living on this street.

Seth A. Ravin, CEO and Chairman of the Board

Seth A. Ravin, CEO and Chairman of the Board

Mr. Ravin is an enterprise software industry veteran with 30+ years’ of experience. He pioneered the independent enterprise software support industry and co-founded Rimini Street in 2005. While serving as vice president of the customer sales division at PeopleSoft, Inc., Mr. Ravin saw a need for a support solution that would enable customers to run mature software for many years beyond the official supported life span of a release without mandatory upgrades. To meet that demand, Mr. Ravin successfully designed and launched the industry's first specialized extended support programs for Fortune 500, public sector and midmarket organizations.