“SFN Group is reducing the risk of vendor lock-in, by retaining the flexibility (and funding) to select the best application upgrade road map for our business — on our own time line, when we are ready.”

Paul Tymchuk, VP Information Technology
SFN Group


SFN Group manages 45,000 employees per week, so it depends on its ERP system to produce timely and consistently accurate payrolls and W-2s. PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM) and Payroll are the lifeblood of business operations. As economic conditions dictate, the organization must scale employee resources up or down, consolidate operations to increase efficiency, and avoid disruptions to critical processes. When faced with yet another expensive software upgrade, SFN Group began considering ways to get off the upgrade treadmill and improve support for its complex tax and legal updates. IT management decided to seek independent support to reduce maintenance costs and avoid disruptive changes that added little business value.   

Rimini Street Solution

In Rimini Street, SFN Group found a partner that could support its PeopleSoft customizations, deliver complex tax and legal updates, and troubleshoot software issues that impacted business processes 24/7/365. With its mission- critical PeopleSoft system running smoothly, SFN Group had time to evaluate its software roadmap.

Client Results

  • Received custom-tailored tax and legal updates that keep payroll fully compliant, while also reducing the time required to implement changes.
  • Addressed PeopleSoft customizations and technology stack issues promptly and efficiently with the assistance of assigned Rimini Street Primary Support Engineers (PSEs) and Account Managers.
  • Avoided unnecessary and time-consuming upgrades, giving IT the necessary space to assess future technology pathways.

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