Like most organizations, CareTech Solutions faces a wide variety of security threats. In today’s world, bad actors use malicious servers running scripts that constantly probe for vulnerabilities to exploit around the world. “This particular exploit was a WebLogic deserialization Java vulnerability, with which Rimini Street was very familiar,” says Jeff Bell, chief information security officer for CareTech. “Basically, the attackers were attempting to install cryptominer software that would let them use our servers to mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.” When CareTech Solutions discovered a successful attack on some of its ERP servers with a connection to the internet, the company immediately placed a call to Rimini Street for assistance.”

Rimini Street Solution

“Working with Rimini Street, we set up a demo scenario on a nonproduction server,” Bell says. “They first used Metasploit to prove the vulnerability could be exploited. Next, we installed Rimini Street Advanced Middleware Security, which blocked the exploit and gave us confidence to install in production.” Because the virtual patching solution is easy to update, no regression testing and no system downtime are required. “This approach protects our software much quicker than critical patch updates and without disrupting operations,” Bell explains.

Client Results

  • Receives seamless ERP application support: CareTech receives fast and effective security guidance around its ERP support services at no extra charge.
  • Gains increased security protection: Rimini Street Advanced Middleware Security is typically faster, less disruptive and offers greater protection than traditional vendor patching options.
  • Reduces support and maintenance spend: CareTech is saving on its annual ERP support and maintenance costs, while gaining security advisory services from Rimini Street at no additional cost.


Client Profile
CareTech Solutions is a leading provider of information technology and mobility applications and services for U.S. hospitals and health systems, including customized application development.
Troy, Michigan

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