As Suburban Propane investigated options to reduce operational costs and align business needs, the company realized its security strategy needed improvement. Suburban Propane had previously struggled to apply Oracle Critical Patch Updates (CPUs) to help secure its databases against known vulnerabilities. CPUs were often released months after vulnerabilities had been discovered — so companies depending on CPUs could be vulnerable until patches were published and applied.

Rimini Street Solution

Moving to Rimini Street, Suburban Propane immediately received a reduction in its annual support fees by 50 percent and more responsive support.

“Cost savings were a major factor,” Traub notes. “But being able to call our assigned Primary Support Engineer (PSE) and speak directly to a senior-level expert clinched the deal.”

“Rimini Street Global Security Services recommended virtual patching to boost database security, reduce risk and enable us to stay on stable, reliable releases. After evaluating our options, we chose Rimini Street Advanced Database Security enhanced with technology from McAfee,” he says.

Client Results

With independent support, in addition to saving 50 percent of its previous annual support fees, Suburban Propane significantly reduced operational costs by receiving support for custom code in addition to the base code and performance tuning at no additional fee. Plus, the company relies on Rimini Street to solve problems instead of resolving issues on its own.

Client Profile
Suburban Propane provides more than 1.1 million residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural customers with propane, fuel oil, and other refined fuels and energy services through 675 locations in 41 states.
Headquartered in Whippany, New Jersey
$1.1 billion USD

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