Rimini Street Management Team

William Toms, VP, Client Success

William Toms

Will Toms leads the client success organization at Rimini Street. In this role, he is responsible for driving improved success levels for our clients. He focuses on increasing renewal rates, expanding revenue and driving new business growth through greater advocacy and referencability. He also defines and optimizes the client lifecycle, which includes mapping the client journey, developing listening points along that journey and identifying opportunities for continuous improvement.

Mr. Toms has been in high tech more than 20 years. His emphasis has been on integrating the voice of the customer into a company's strategic goals in order to increase profitability and build customer satisfaction and retention. He has delivered a mix of strategy, innovation and process excellence designed to create synergies that expand corporate capability and market leadership and strengthen competitive position in advanced technology industries. Mr. Toms is known as a collaborative leader who develops executive-level client relationships and empowers diverse cross-functional teams to assist customers in all areas of the business.