Advanced Technology Services

Rimini Street Advanced Technology Services provides practical solutions that help clients future-proof and extend the life of their current applications and related technology stacks for as long as each client's business requires. Advanced Technology services are offered at no additional charge and help clients avoid costly re-implementations and unnecessary upgrades of hardware, operating systems, databases, middleware and browsers. Reduce the total cost of your ownership and extend the supported life of your enterprise software releases for a minimum of 15 years.

Protect, Preserve and Extend the Life of Your Enterprise Software

Advanced Technology Services extends the lifespan of your enterprise software applications for a minimum of 15 years, while reducing your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Offerings include:

Rimini Street Advanced Technology Services — How You Benefit

Avoid forced upgrades of ERP applications due to changing operating systems, browsers, hardware upgrades and security patches.

  • Preserve existing applications by isolating them from changes using virtualization technologies.
  • Extend the life of applications while allowing a flexible IT infrastructure.
  • Maintain interoperability of legacy customizations when adding new client and server configurations.
  • Enable new features, such as mobile apps, without changing the core system.
  • Keep overall system performance tuned as the technology stack changes.
  • Be ready to upgrade when the time is right for your organization.

Over 1,600 organizations worldwide work with Rimini Street to reduce the total cost of ownership of their ERP systems by stabilizing their software and getting off the forced upgrade treadmill. Rimini Street Advanced Technology Services helps put you back in control of your ERP investment.