Future Proof and Extend the Lifespan of Your ERP Releases, with an Ever-Changing Technology Infrastructure and IT Landscape

Rimini Street Advanced Technology Services helps clients reduce their total cost of ownership and ensure their core ERP enterprise software releases remain stable, reliable and compliant long-term platforms for a minimum of 15 years. Our Advanced Technology Services team helps Rimini Street clients "future-proof" their enterprise software releases from challenges caused by ever-changing infrastructure and IT landscape components, and positions clients to adopt new technologies to keep things stable. This can eliminate expensive upgrades caused by changing enterprise software, browser compatibility, or infrastructure refreshes.


Constantly balancing end-of-support, obsolescence, operating system compatibility, vendor certifications, browser changes, hardware upgrades, and adding new technology is overwhelming. We have helped hundreds of clients solve complex technology challenges around security and integration across operating systems, databases, middleware, compilers, browsers, and avoid low value upgrades to entire ERP systems or related infrastructure components.


Advisory Services: Best practices advice and guidance on changing Infrastructure and software interoperability
Engagement Services: Technical assessment, alignment and roadmap to value
Solution Services: Recommended solutions and deployment services across the total technical stack

Key Benefits

Keep Your ERP Systems Flexible and Interoperable

  • Modernize with operating system compatibility tuning and desktop virtualization
  • Ensure older operating systems run while ERP applications remain functional
  • Deploy the latest OS upgrades to improve security and performance

Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership

  • Avoid unnecessary and expensive upgrades or migrations
  • Protect investments in your proven and tested systems
  • Simplify infrastructure with virtualized servers

Maintain Flexibility to Deploy Your Solution of Choice

  • Successfully integrate new technologies – like mobile and browser applications – without compromising your ERP system
  • Take advantage of new tools to help ensure compliance and compatibility
  • Boost security and performance with new OS upgrades

Supported Product Lines

JD Edwards
SAP Sybase Databases
Microsoft SQL Server Database
Oracle E-Business Suite
Oracle Database
SAP HANA Database
IBM Db2 Database

Advanced Technology Services Datasheet

Delivering interoperability assurance and technology stack support