Unleash Your IT Potential with Rimini ONE™ All-in-One Support and Services

Emma Hitzke
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Unleash Your IT Potential with Rimini ONE™ All-in-One Support and Services

In today’s competitive business landscape, organizations rely heavily on their enterprise software systems to drive productivity and enable growth. However, some vendors provide only limited levels of support for existing versions. As a result, many companies find themselves struggling to:

  • keep up with the associated costs and complexities of maintaining their software investments
  • source high-quality IT support and managed services
  • continuously secure and modernize their IT environment

Fortunately, there’s an efficient and economical solution: Rimini ONE™.

What is Rimini ONE?

Rimini ONE is our outsourcing service program that offers a comprehensive set of unified, integrated services to run, manage, support, customize, configure, connect, protect, monitor, and optimize enterprise applications, databases, and technology software — all at a competitive, predictable cost and delivered by ONE trusted partner.

Rimini ONE is a worry-free, turnkey solution that is also:

  • simple: reallocate operational and support tasks away from staff and multiple vendors to ONE trusted partner
  • guaranteed: no-worry service availability for up to 15 additional years from contracting, with 100s of expert engineers, industry-leading SLAs, and 24/7/365 service
  • strategic: with roadmapping and strategy assistance to help you free up IT resources to accelerate innovation and business value

With end-to-end enterprise software support, products, and services from Rimini ONE, you can achieve greater stability in your IT environment while reducing risk by using a single-source partner and eliminating multi-vendor handoffs and coordination. Rimini ONE delivers ultra-responsive support and services through a global network of expert software support engineers with deep, hard-to-find SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, Peoplesoft, JDE, and Siebel skills that are becoming even more scarce as companies migrate to new solutions.

How does Rimini ONE work?

A Rimini ONE package gives you access to the full suite of Rimini Street IT products and services:

  • Rimini Support™: Award-winning, mission-critical support for Oracle, SAP, proprietary and open-source databases, and technology software — delivered 24/7/365 with a guaranteed 10-minute support SLA
  • Rimini Manage™: Managed services for application and database software delivered by highly-skilled engineers, featuring unlimited service ticket requests and industry-leading SLAs that can resolve IT staffing/skill shortages and provide smoother system operations at optimized cost
  • Rimini Consult™: Professional services available for clients’ enterprise software customization, configuration, implementation, integration, interoperability, migration, staff augmentation, and other project needs and delivered by experienced professionals
  • Rimini Protect™: Innovative managed security solutions for applications, databases, and technology infrastructure designed to proactively block unidentified threats and protect against newly identified threats fast — usually within minutes — without any required code changes to the software being protected
  • Rimini Connect™: Managed interoperability solutions for browsers, operating systems, and email systems that can enable continued utilization of and integration with existing software and infrastructure without the need for expensive system and software upgrades and migrations
  • Rimini Watch™: Observability solutions that include monitoring and system health check solutions designed to monitor the performance and execution of thousands of processes continuously 24/7/365 and identify potential issues before they happen so system downtime and impacts can be avoided

What else can you expect from Rimini ONE?

Additional benefits of leveraging Rimini ONE for your organization include:

Greater software value: Our IT products and services are designed to help you reduce your software maintenance spend. By providing flexible service options and support for customized software environments, this program can help you achieve greater value from existing software investments. Rimini ONE participants also receive preferred pricing on additional services, making it even more cost-effective.

Enhanced support and services: Rimini Street provides you with access to a team of expert software support engineers who are dedicated to helping you achieve your software maintenance goals. This can help:

  • reduce downtime and incident backlogs
  • identify and resolve potential software issues before they become major problems
  • minimize the risk of costly software-related incidents

Rimini ONE also offers an extended support commitment, providing an additional 15+ years of support services availability for your current software releases without requiring any vendor upgrades or migrations.

See how Rimini Street can help you reallocate limited IT budget, resources, and time to strategic projects, new functionality for business stakeholders, and enhanced customer experiences.

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