Global Security Services

Rimini Street helps clients proactively identify, prevent and mitigate vulnerabilities to maintain a more secure application environment. Our technical and architectural advisory security guidance and proactive intelligence services can prevent and mitigate actionable vulnerabilities months and even years before they are discovered and worked by the vendor which offers only software package-centric fixes.

Implement a Holistic and Layered Approach to Security

Rimini Street provides clients with actionable security intelligence to reduce potential exposure. From tailored security vulnerability analysis reports, to expert advice in the identification and selection of critical security controls (and vendors), Rimini Street helps clients ensure that they successfully reduce and manage risk far beyond ERP applications and databases.

Rimini Street Global Security Services include the following offerings:

  • Security Case Resolution: Allows clients to log security-specific cases with Rimini Street support for issue identification and resolution.
  • Security Advisory: Provides expert advisory guidance on security- and compliance-related risks for Oracle and SAP software.
  • Security Intelligence: Proactively monitors and reports actionable security vulnerabilities and provides guidance in the selection of security architecture changes and control selection.
  • Security Solutions: Achieve more secure application and technical environment through strategic consultation, recommendations and security products like Rimini Street Advanced Database Security.

Rimini Street Global Security Services — How You Benefit

  • Proactively maintain a more secure application than provided by a software vendor’s support program (which offers only software package-centric fixes).
  • Address security issues outside and around the enterprise software and application layer, in the firewall and other related components of the IT infrastructure as well as in the processes and practices of the organization.
  • Pinpoint and circumvent vulnerabilities months and even years before they are discovered and addressed by the software vendor.