Layered security solutions tailored to fit your security profile

Rimini Street's Global Security Services team can help clients deploy a holistic, layered security model across the enterprise. Rimini Street provides clients with actionable security intelligence designed to reduce potential exposure. From security vulnerability analysis reports to expert advice in the identification and selection of critical security controls (and vendors), Rimini Street can help clients proactively identify, prevent and mitigate vulnerabilities to maintain a more secure application environment. 


Our advisory security guidance and proactive intelligence services can help prevent and mitigate actionable vulnerabilities months and even years before they are discovered and worked by vendors, who typically offer only software package-centric fixes. Our Advisory Services, Engagement Services and Solutions better position you to reduce potential exposure and risk far beyond your ERP applications and databases.

Advisory Services:
Security case resolution, security assessment and advisory guidance
Engagement Services:
Security Configuration Analysis and Strategic Security Roadmap
Solutions and Solution Services: Protect your entire tech stack with modern security solutions including Rimini Street Advanced Database Security

Key Benefits

Layered security, properly architected

  • Improve processes and fine-tune controls
  • Minimize gaps and align with best practices over the long term
  • Reduce potential exposure and risk

Proactively address your security posture

  • Reduce the risk of financial loss
  • Protect your brand and company reputation
  • Mitigate costly data theft

Effective and efficient security solutions

  • Protect easier and faster than traditional patching
  • Avoid regulatory fines and penalties
  • Reduce the risk of business disruption

Safeguard Your Infrastructure and Applications

Proactively protect your IT assets against known and unknown vulnerabilities and zero-day threats while staying on budget.
Deploy more efficient, effective and comprehensive security at a reduced cost
Select the best security controls for your environment
Maximize your existing security investments
Mitigate security and compliance risk for Oracle, SAP, IBM and Microsoft environments
Reduce the burden on your team
Avoid unnecessary software upgrades
Conduct business with greater confidence

Rimini Street Advanced Application and Middleware Security

Zero-Day Protection for Oracle and SAP Applications and Middleware.