SAP software is the foundation of many modern enterprises. Over the years, valuable new features and functionality have been added to these enterprise applications in regular intervals. But as the software has become more mature and feature-rich, the value received from upgrades has diminished. Many licensees today find themselves forced to upgrade just to maintain vendor support. And with support and maintenance costs on the rise, more and more licensees are investigating third-party SAP support.

Replacing your SAP® software support and maintenance services with third-party SAP support services opens up an array of choices for your organization. By liberating your time, money and staff, you can meet the needs of your business and invest in innovative programs that enable agility and drive growth.

Why Rimini Street?

Rimini Street has engineered the best SAP support program in the industry. What if you could reap all these benefits while saving 50% or more?

  • Speak with a dedicated engineer who has 15+ years of experience on your first call
  • Receive a response to a critical issue within 15 minutes
  • Get support for customizations
  • Receive expert evaluation of your interoperability challenges, security requirements and future IT roadmap
  • Guarantee this support for your SAP product(s) for a minimum of 15 years

Reap the Benefits of the Best Support Program in the Industry

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Liberate Your Resources

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Gain Control of Roadmap

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Invest in Innovation

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Save 50% or More

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Get Customization Support

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Future-Proof Your Apps


Customization-related bug/break find and fix support can drain your time and budget resources. Our support for SAP ERP includes customized code and global tax, legal and regulatory compliance updates. We can help with all your application management needs.

Maximize your return on your SAP investment now. 

Product Support ServicesRimini StreetSAP
Named, Regional Primary Support Engineer
24/7/365 Support, Guaranteed 15 Minute or Less Response for Priority 1 Issues
Customization Support Included
Minimum 15 Years Support Guaranteed
Named Global Account Manager for Each Client
Experienced Onboarding & Archiving Servies (100s of archives)
Security Support Services at No Additional Cost
Comprehensive Interoperability Support at No Additional Cost
Performance Tuning Support at No Additional Cost
Strategic Roadmap Services at No Additional Cost
Proactive Support Services at No Additional Cost
(Database Health Check, Architecture & Release Level Assesment, Hardware Monitoring)
Application & Repository Fixes
Documentation-Only Fixes
Configuration Support
Operational Support
Installation & Upgrade Process Support
Global Tax, Legal & Regulatory Updates

"We also spoke with Rimini Street customers who had been working with the organization for three or four years and already lived through the same challenges we were facing. Every customer mentioned how moving to independent support proved to be a very good decision for the organization, and that sealed the deal for me."

Rick Jankura, Chief Financial Officer, Jones Packaging
Jones Packaging