Rimini Street Support Services Program Features

Simple break-fix software support is just the beginning. Rimini Street's unique program offers a breadth of premium features not found in vendor support programs at any price. From support of your customized code to advanced strategic technology advisory services, from an ISO-certified onboarding process to named Primary Support Engineers and Account Managers for every client, Rimini Street's third-party support program has you covered. It's all part of the most comprehensive support program in the industry delivered through our proprietary ServiceFirstTM Methodology.

Rimini Street Support Services: Keep Your System Running Smoothly and in Full Legal Compliance

Explore each of our support services categories in more detail:

Product Support Services — Enjoy responsive break-fix and issue resolution that keep your mission-critical applications running at peak performance with reduced downtime.

Global Tax, Legal and Regulatory Services — Ensure global compliance from the fastest “legislature-to-livesm” update delivery cycle in the industry.

Global Security Services — Proactively identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities months and even years before they are discovered and addressed by the vendor through a defined, enterprise-holistic strategy.

Proactive Support Services — Identify and resolve potential application and technology stack issues before they happen.

Advanced Technical Services — Future-proof and extend the lifespan of your enterprise software applications for a minimum of 15 years.

Strategic Roadmap Services — Rapidly innovate, evolve and grow under Rimini Street independent support.

Account Management Services — Receive proactive assurance of your long-term success with Rimini Street Support Services.