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Real-Time, Zero-Day Vulnerability Protection for Oracle and SAP Applications and Middleware

Rimini Street Advanced Application and Middleware Security helps extend the life of enterprise software, protecting against common vulnerabilities, including popular older releases which may not be covered by vendor security patches. These advanced security solutions help reduce the burden of traditional patching, significantly reduce time-to-protection, and can boost operational productivity.

Advanced application and middleware security without regression testing or downtime

Protect applications and middleware ─ including releases that are no longer fully supported by the vendor ─ against both known and unknown vulnerabilities. Rimini Street uses Java run-time detection and remediation to help stop attacks before they reach their intended targets, without regression testing or downtime. Unlike the majority of traditional vendor security patching, Rimini Street enterprise application and middleware security is extremely accurate and protects almost immediately without disrupting business operations, and with minimal system performance impact.

Enterprise application and middleware security without costly upgrades

Rimini Street Advanced Application and Middleware Security is a next-generation security solution, delivering peace of mind to IT teams and protection for all software releases, regardless of whether or not they are fully supported by the vendor. This eliminates the need for costly upgrades in order to receive security patches.

Solution Features

Zero-day protection for applications and middleware

Enterprise application and middleware security that protects against known and unknown vulnerabilities with real-time detection of patterns that indicate exploitation of weaknesses. Includes protection against SQL Injection, cross-site scripting, remote code execution, and Java object deserialization.

Protect against Java deserialization vulnerabilities

Java-based software has inherent security issues around Java serialization / deserialization. Address the fundamental problem in the Java compiler and delivering an effective Zero-day solution to secure WebLogic and other Java based applications.

Abstract Rule Modeling Run-time (ARMR) technology

Security controls provide continuous monitoring and protection. Works at the Java run-time to remediate common vulnerability exposure (CVE) and Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE). Includes automatic security hardening with full forensic data.

No false positives

Unlike other application security tools which filter network data and can be imprecise and distracting with false positives, Advanced Application and Middleware Security remediates at the compiler stage, eliminating false positives so clients can focus on real attacks, with minimal performance impact.

Easy deployment and maintenance

No prerequisite code updates and no extensive regression tests or downtime are required for Rimini Street Advanced Application and Middleware security.

Product Lines Supported

Rimini Street Advanced Application and Middleware Security is available for:

Compare the value

Rimini Street Advanced Application and Middleware Security
Traditional Vendor Patching
Protects against known and unknown vulnerabilities without taking systems offline
Yes – Protects against both known and unknown vulnerabilities including zero-day exploits without taking systems offline.
No – Protects only against known vulnerabilities, and requires downtime to apply patches.
Updates are available within 24-72 hours after a vulnerability is published
Yes – If required, updates are available within 24-72 hours after a vulnerability is public or a vendor patch is released.
No – Vulnerabilities may go months or years after a vulnerability is published before a vendor patch is released.1
Popular, older releases are protected
Yes – Virtual patching protects older releases no longer fully supported by the vendor.
No – Vendor patches are not available for popular, older releases.
No need for costly regression testing due to software code changes
Yes – Virtual patching is external to the software and does not require any regression testing or system downtime; also does not cause code-related problems.
No – Patching changes software code and requires significant testing and downtime; this can cause potential system problems.
Updates are applied seamlessly, speeding time-to-protection and reducing workload
Yes – Updates can be automatically applied, providing immediate protection.
No – According to Oracle CEO, licensees are 14-18 months behind in patching.2
Able to monitor, report, and alert attempted attacks
Yes – Monitoring, reporting, and alerts are provided to improve security posture.
No – No monitoring, reporting, and alerts on attempted malicious behavior or actions are provided.
Multi-vendor solution
Yes – Advanced Security Solutions protect Oracle, SAP, IBM, and Microsoft databases, applications, and middleware.
No – Vendor patches only protect their software, and frequently only protect specific releases.
1 Oracle’s April, 2020 CPU release included two patches for 2016 Oracle DB CVEs and two patches for Middleware CVEs from 2016, and another from 2015.

Featured Clients

Xavier University

“Virtual patching is proactive and immediate. We don’t have to sit around and wait for something to happen before we get sent a vendor patch months later.”

Mark Brockman Executive Director of Information Technologies
Tempel Steel

“Every year, we’ve taken the money that we’ve saved by partnering with Rimini Street, and we’ve reinvested it in initiatives that propel our innovation and growth.”

Joe Cannella CIO
LifeWay Christian Resources

“Because we’ve had, and continue to have, such a positive support experience through Rimini Street for our PeopleSoft HCM software, the decision to add Oracle EBS support was much easier.”

David Jamieson Financial Applications Manager

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