Upgrade Strategy & Rimini Street Support

Rimini Street Support Offers a Different Model - A Genuinely New and Different Alternative

Only the independent enterprise support option gives you the ability to time upgrades according to your needs and funding demands, and to choose the vendor that delivers the next-generation application software most appropriate to your organization's specific business requirements.

Do You Really Need That Costly Upgrade?

Software licensees continues to defer upgrades that no longer deliver a convincing business case. Absolute R&D investments by software companies are shrinking and enhancements in current systems offer little functional value. In fact, companies upgrade because of closing vendor support windows.

With Rimini Street Support, You Control Your Upgrade Strategy

Whether using traditional vendor support, self-support or Rimini Street Independent Support, all enterprise software clients will eventually upgrade their applications or move to a new application platform. Independent support enables organizations to retain the right to upgrade while saving on support costs and stabilizing on a proven, mature enterprise software platform. Rimini Street Support helps you take control of your upgrade strategy:

  • Reduce Risk. Rimini Street Support lets you maintain flexibility and keep future options open to select the system that best fits your business. Also, you avoid the risk of paying now for untested future releases you may never use; new platforms and enhancements may not meet your needs or may have quality issues.
  • Save up to 90 Percent on Total Support Costs. Rimini Street Support clients accrue savings year over year from four primary categories: 1) 50 percent savings on annual support fees. 2) No forced expensive upgrades. 3) Support for customizations. 4) More efficient support processes. Calculate your savings.
  • Avoid Vendor Lock-In. Unlike Rimini Street, the big software vendors force upgrades, reduce support over time, charge penalty fees, utilize vendor lock-in strategies that gradually infiltrate your technology stack, and offer new releases with limited ROI.
  • Enable Innovation. When you stabilize on your current release with Rimini Street Support, you free up funds to enable strategic investment in innovative IT initiatives.

For a strategic consultation regarding your future applications road map and support options, contact us.