Muchas organizaciones líderes confían en Rimini Street para recibir servicios de soporte independiente para su software empresarial esencial. A continuación se ofrecen ejemplos de los objetivos que Rimini Street puede ayudar a los clientes a alcanzar para respaldar sus necesidades empresariales estratégicas.

Extienda la vida útil de las inversiones en ERP

Reduzca el TCO y maximice el valor de ERP

Evite las costosas actualizaciones / migraciones

Ejecute una versión existente durante 15 años o más

Reducir los costos de soporte

Ahorre hasta un 90% en los costos totales de soporte de software

Migrar a la nube

Adopte un plan estratégico de nube de ERP para diferenciarse y crecer.

Servicio con capacidad de respuesta integral

Ayude a mantener los sistemas en funcionamiento con un menor tiempo de inactividad.

Destinar fondos y recursos a iniciativas estratégicas

Libere personal, tiempo y dinero para destinarlos a proyectos digitales y de innovación.

Mejorar la seguridad de las aplicaciones y bases de datos

Aproveche un modelo holístico de seguridad de aplicaciones y bases de datos basado en niveles.

Actualizaciones fiscales, jurídicas y normativas globales

Manténgase al día con los servicios de cumplimiento de software en todo el mundo.

Orientación sobre estrategia y roadmap de aplicaciones

Obtenga el máximo valor de los roadmaps estratégicos de aplicaciones.

Optimizar las licencias de software

Administre los programas de licencias y contribuya a mitigar el riesgo de forma proactiva.

Simplificar y unificar el soporte

Un modelo de soporte unificado para un entorno híbrido de TI y múltiples proveedores.

Administrar y mantener las operaciones de las aplicaciones

Servicios de administración de aplicaciones (AMS) integrados para obtener un valor y unos resultados empresariales mejorados.

Soporte para customizaciones

Obtenga soporte para sus customizaciones esenciales sin cargo adicional.

Clientes destacados

Clientes destacados
Clientes destacados

Because we’ve had, and continue to have, such a positive support experience through Rimini Street for our PeopleSoft HCM software, the decision to add Oracle EBS support was much easier.”

– David Jamieson Financial Applications Manager
Clientes destacados
Clientes destacados

One of our goals was to become more flexible in our PeopleSoft applications upgrade strategy to be able to decide when and how we upgrade these tools. By archiving the PeopleSoft updates we were already entitled to, we were able to complete an upgrade while on independent support — and do it on our own timeline. If we want to upgrade in the future, that’s a choice we can make without outside pressure.”

– Steve Jacobs IT Director
Clientes destacados
Clientes destacados

When we signed up with Rimini Street, the first and biggest change was that it felt like a partnership. Second, the amount of information and analysis work that is done by the Rimini Street team helps us make better decisions. We get specific answers and directions as to what we can do to solve issues.”

– Edgar Hershberger VP of Applications
Clientes destacados
Clientes destacados

We seriously evaluate every taxpayer dollar we spend; optimizing costs is of paramount importance. When I learned about Rimini Street, I was intrigued by the opportunity to get better support than we had with SAP and also streamline our costs. Looking back, I’d make the switch sooner if I could.”

– Bob Leek CIO
Clientes destacados
Clientes destacados

After preparing a solid roadmap and clear steps, our transition to Rimini Street was smooth. We now have a primary support engineer, various levels of access by phone or email, and weekly conference calls with the support engineers who are working on any active tickets. Our support quality has vastly improved.”

– Jim Williamson Vice President of Information Technology
Clientes destacados
Clientes destacados

I would not hesitate to reach out to the Rimini Street Global Security Services team again. They were quickly able to identify the problem and lead us to an effective solution that mitigates Java deserialization with WebLogic.”

– Jeff Bell Chief Information Security Officer
Clientes destacados
Clientes destacados

The Rimini Street team helped show us a path to freeing up capital so we could enhance our existing platform’s functionality and performance instead of executing costly and large-scale upgrades. When I delivered the recommendation to our senior leadership team, and, more importantly, to the owners of the company, they were very appreciative of the savings we were able to produce from this move.”

– Rick Jankura Chief Financial Officer
Clientes destacados
Clientes destacados

We moved to Rimini Street because the risks were low and we knew the financial savings would be a huge benefit. After we experienced far better support than what we had before, our decision was validated, and we’ve since significantly expanded our global footprint through Rimini Street support .”

– Simon Lytton Global Applications Director

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